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Your Role

Think sales training is only for sales people?

If you're a customer-facing professional, your interactions with prospects and customers matter. Today, everybody is in "sales," whether you're selling to a strategic account or to executive leadership. 

All departments play a vital role in new customer acquisition and expansion of existing accounts, yet they rarely share a common framework and language focused on accelerating each stage of the revenue funnel -- until now.

Leveraging the ValueSelling Framework® as the foundation, we work with teams across the enterprise to create a revenue vortex, accelerating the process of finding, qualifying, educating, selling and closing new opportunities.

Executive Leadership

  • Improve predictability in your revenue stream
  • Enable communication across the organization
  • Improve processes to increase efficiency

Chief Revenue Officer

  • Deliver a common, business-based, value-focused language across teams
  • Increase sales productivity with effective tools
  • Increase the number of individuals achieving their targets
Sales Leadership
  • Drastically reduce the number of deals lost due to 'price'
  • Leverage a proven process to manage conversation and level skill sets across teams
  • Increase forecast accuracy and evaluation of opportunities
Channel Sales
  • Accelerate sales cycles across the entire channel
  • Decrease time to onboard new partners and put them on a path to productivity
  • Align with a common sales methodology, extending your reach 
Inside Sales
  • Leverage emerging best practices in outbound sales strategy, processes and tactics
  • Increase the number of conversions from outbound cold-calling
  • Develop a multi-channel action plan to create a more predictable funnel

Direct Sales

  • Increase business acumen, making it easier to speak in a language buyers understand
  • Uncover the buyer's definition of value and connect your solutions to their need
  • Increase overall deal sizes and product attach rates
    Decrease length of sales cycle while increasing Customer Lifetime Value

Strategic & Account-based Sales

  • Share a common language to increase productivity and reduce miscommunication
  • Evaluate accounts, uncover more new opportunities and increase win percentages
  • Increase CLV by developing deeper relationships based on trust and mutually agreed upon action plans
  • Develop 10x content that connects to buyer's definition of value
  • Resonate with buyers throughout the buying cycle
  • Share a common language with sales, focused on value
Professional Services
  • Identify new opportunities and shorten cycles to new contracts
  • Develop a relationship of trust, based on business and personal value
  • Communicate effectively internally about the status of accounts and projects

Client-facing Teams

  • Deliver an unrivaled, value-based experience for customers
  • Think like an executive by staying focused on business issues and problems
  • Work closely with sales to identify and close new opportunities

To learn more about how ValueSelling Associates has helped teams across the enterprise, contact us.