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Dreamforce Interview with Julie Bregen, Head of Global Sales Enablement and Associate Development at ValueSelling Associates

“We offer a ValueSelling solution that integrates with Salesforce, giving clarity to...

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The Sales Training Manager’s Guide to Selecting a Sales Methodology

Julie Thomas, president and CEO of ValueSelling Associates, Inc., compares a sales methodology to a...

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The No. 1 Sales Skill Needed in a Tech-Dependent World

Technology is under more scrutiny these days. Rather than touting new features to draw us deeper...

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Is Your Sales Team Sabotaging a Well-Planned Customer Experience?

To create a positive customer experience, all points of contact with an organization should match...

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27 Effective Sales Strategies and Tips

According to a report from the Brevet Group, only 13 percent of customers believe that the...

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With Automation And AI, The Human Side Of Selling Is Fast Becoming A Unique Skill Set

Sales journeys for leaders in the business make up for some of the most interesting stories. We had...

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Is Technology Replacing the Handshake in Sales?

Sales is a communication process and communication is a basic human experience. But with the...

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How B2B Buyers Feel About Sales Reps: 6 Insights

How does sales outreach look and feel from the buyer’s side? That’s the question ValueSelling...

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B2B buyer surveys reveal most decision makers see sales as untrustworthy and unhelpful

Only 36 per cent of B2B software buyers say vendors live up to the promises they make about their...

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