Industries We Serve

Since 1991, the award-winning ValueSelling Framework® sales methodology has been installed and adopted by thousands of leading enterprises around the globe. This proven formula provides a simple, scalable and sustainable sales methodology that is flexible enough to address virtually any sales challenge in any industry.
SaaS / Technology / Telecom
Your solutions deliver meaningful value to your clients -- and their complexity makes it challenging to convey the right information, to the right stakeholder, at the right time.
You produce some of the most innovative products in your marketplace, but your prospects see your products as commodities.
Finance & Banking
It's no secret that finance and banking companies face significant sales challenges like increasing competition, especially from FinTechs, and the need to meet ever-rising customer expectations.
As a healthcare company, you're likely facing challenges such as building customer relationships with limited access, a niche, product-led focus and having compelling, value-based conversations.
Business Services
As a business services company, you're likely facing challenges such as building online trust, integrating marketing and sales teams, and dealing with increased competition and dwindling customer loyalty.
Companies in the education sector have their work cut out for them -- it's likely you're facing critical sales challenges like brand awareness, demonstrating product value, and reaching the right audience.
As a product company, you're likely facing sales challenges such as differentiating in saturated markets, managing price sensitivity, and creating compelling value propositions.
Regardless of your industry or size, you've likely faced crucial sales challenges such as generating quality leads, differentiating from competitors, and creating compelling value propositions.