Coaching the ValueSelling Framework® for Managers

Maximize training ROI by giving your leaders and managers the tools to develop the desired selling behaviors across teams. Coaching the ValueSelling Framework® for Managers equips leaders to build effective sales coaching programs and integrate the ValueSelling Framework into your company’s revenue DNA, resulting in dramatic – and sustainable – increases in sales productivity and performance. 

Develop the skills to:

Craft Reinforcement Plans
Cultivate a reinforcement plan that blends ValueSelling concepts into your existing sales routines.
Integrate into Existing Processes
Integrate ValueSelling into your sales coaching and management processes.
Structure Sales Coaching
Create sales coaching best practices and playbooks for structuring sessions.
Tailor Implementation Plans
Build a tailored daily, weekly, monthly and yearly implementation plan.
Align to Business Goals
Align sales coaching objectives with business goals.
Measure ROI
Develop a measurement plan to showcase sales coaching ROI.

Effective sales coaching leads to a 63% increase in individual productivity, a 58% increase in quota attainment and a 55% increase in bottom-line growth.

(ValueSelling Associates, Inc. and Training Industry, Inc.)

Most sales teams are a mix of early-career sellers and veterans – all from different backgrounds and sales cultures with varied processes and methodologies. It’s easy to see why frontline managers have the most difficult job in sales. As a result, coaching becomes an afterthought, with disastrous effects on employee retention:

  • More than 60% of salespeople are more likely to leave their job if their manager is a poor coach. (Zenger Folkman)

On the other hand, when you give your leaders and managers the tools they need to coach and integrate a single sales methodology into your company’s revenue DNA, you’ll realize increases in sales productivity and performance. 

Coworkers working together around a table.

“The best sales training I’ve ever taken.”

Sales Manager

“Their methodology proved very valuable to uncover and capture value for customers and for us.”

Food & Nutrition, Manufacturing

“The framework creates an easy to understand, clearly defined vocabulary that allows for seamless transition from Suspect to MQL to Closed Won to Value Realized.”

VP of Sales

“ValueSelling = increased hit rate on won deals.”


“ValueSelling is the simplest, yet most powerful and relevant, B2B sales process I have worked with.”

Senior Vice President
Global Retail Sales and Field Operations, Retail

“ValueSelling works.”

VP, Sales & Marketing
Employee's looking at reports on a computer.

The Learning Journey

Now that the initial ValueSelling Framework® workshop is done, it's time to ignite change. Building on this foundation, Coaching the ValueSelling Framework ® for Managers equips managers to create structured coaching programs that drive adoption of ValueSelling while elevating sales rep skills. Delivered over one full day in person or over the course of two 4-hour virtual sessions – your leaders and manager will learn:
The manager’s role in adoption
Proper integration into the management process
How to create process implementation plans
An in-depth guide to the coaching process, including:
Reviewing plan lettersAssessing opportunitiesPre-call, next call planning with the ValuePrompter®Live/field observationConstructive feedbackCoaching with the ValuePrompter®

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