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Episode 317: Align Your GTM Teams for Measurable Results with Kimberly Kaminski

How can you successfully align product, marketing, sales, and customer success for a winning go-to-market strategy? To help us with this today, we have Kimberly Kaminski, CMO at Lakeside Software. Kimberly is a visionary and pragmatic tech marketing and operations leader known for driving successful, measurable programs that grow customers and revenue.

Episode 316: Are You Solving the Right Problems for Your Customers? With Suraj Sampath

Today, success in B2B sales doesn't come easy and goes way beyond a simple pitch and a few cold calls. B2B sales require a more strategic and personalized approach. However, it's all about setting a strong foundation. Here's the main question: Why should you understand the problems your company solves when building an ideal customer profile and pipeline?

Episode 315: Create a Powerful Marketing Ecosystem with Ben Sturtevant

Why should you build a marketing ecosystem that aligns with the sales process to achieve measurable success and maximize automation? To help us with this today, we have Ben Sturtevant, Co-Founder and CEO of Elite360. Ben is a marketing expert passionate about helping entrepreneurs master the art of online marketing. He is also the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer at Elite CEOs.

Episode 314: Tackling the Buyer-Seller Dynamic Frictions with Greg Brown

The evolution of the buyer-seller journey is a never-ending story between the two sides.However, in the last 5 years, the changes have been remarkable.We wanted to find out:How are changes in buyer-seller dynamics causing friction in the sales process?

Episode 313: Gail Behun's Approach to Aligning Sales Strategy with Sales Enablement

Sales enablement has become an integral part of every successful organization. So then, we asked ourselves: How can you effectively integrate sales enablement with your sales strategy to drive measurable impact and results for your overall organization? To help us with this today, we have Gail Behun, Director of Revenue Enablement at LivePerson.

Episode 312: Find Your Ideal Customer Profile with Eric Holmen

Many startups get their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) wrong. The results? Low-quality leads, decreasing revenues, and unhappy customers. It's time to fix that. How can you identify your ICP to achieve higher win rates, lower cost of acquisition, and better customer retention

Selling to the C-Suite: Gaining Access

Gaining executive access is full of twists and turns in the form of internal and external obstacles that can hinder your success. In this piece, I’ll focus on how to overcome them, but first, let’s look at what you stand to gain.

Episode 311: The Seven Deadly Sins of Sales Training with PJ Nisbet

Sales training plays a key role in the success of any business. It equips sales professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively engage with customers and close deals. If you're one of them, you've probably gone through sales training programs that start strong, but within weeks or months, they often lose momentum and fail to produce measurable results. Therefore, we were wondering: Why do some sales training initiatives programs fail while others deliver amazing results?

Episode 310: Modernizing Hiring Criteria for Next-Gen Leaders

It used to be so easy to hire a professional with hundreds of CVs flooding your inbox. But the game has changed, and to become the best, you need the best. Technology has changed the rules, and that's where the problem lies. Well then, we have a big question:

Episode 309: The Evolution of DevOps and Its Next Frontier with Matthew Volm

How Does RevOps Bring Together and Elevate Every Business Aspect? RevOps is the vital element that seamlessly integrates and supports every stage of a company's revenue-generating processes, from marketing and sales to post-sales and customer support.

How to Unleash Your Rep Superpowers

When it comes to refining sales tactics, what advantages does coaching forward have over traditional call reviews? And how can leveraging data-driven strategies not only measure but significantly enhance rep performance?

Episode 307: How to Build a World-Class Enablement Function with Kelly Lewis

How can you build and run a world-class enablement function, and what might be the best practices in making the most of your enablement investment? To help us with this incredible topic today, we have Kelly Lewis, VP of Revenue Enablement at Highspot.

Episode 306: Unleash Your Rep Superpowers with Steve Waters

How can you find your rep superpowers? What is the difference between coaching forward and call reviews? What data-driven go-to-market strategies allow you to really measure rep productivity?

How to Overcome the Sales Effectiveness Blockade

Sales effectiveness is a journey that often feels like trying to find your way through a dense forest without a compass.The path to sales excellence is filled with potential pitfalls and roadblocks that can derail even the best in the game.

Episode 302: Inspiring Action Through Storytelling with Karen Eber

Storytelling is an incredibly effective way to inform, influence, and inspire others in both personal and professional settings. So, how can you become a great storyteller by learning the science behind it?

Episode 299: How to Break the Used Car Salesperson Stereotype with Harry Spaight

When you think of sales you're probably thinking of a used car salesman, insincere, overly friendly, wearing flashy, outdated suits, making grandiose promises about how good the car is. Well, you're not alone. How can we overcome the image of the stereotypical sales professional and still achieve success today?

Episode 296: Personalization and Authenticity in Sales Communication with George Storm

In recent years, there has been a noticeable decline in attention spans, which poses a challenge for sales professionals aiming to achieve and sustain optimal sales performance. So we were wondering… What are the sales communication strategies that adapt to different generations for achieving optimal sales performance?

Episode 295: Dealing with Burnout as a Top Performer with Stephen Hardy

Feeling drained after a long day? Totally normal. But when that fatigue morphs into chronic exhaustion, constant overthinking, a downward spiral of negativity, and a narrow, tunnel-visioned outlook, burnout might be creeping in.

How to Give Your Marketing Messaging Needs a Makeover for Rocketing Engagement

There is an undeniable buzz around the need to grow sales pipelines because, well, they are essential. However, they’re just one piece of the puzzle. We live in an era where businesses must evolve fast and stand out from the competition.

Refining High-Performing Leaders and Teams

You're not just part of the race; you're leading it. Every day, you scale new professional heights and feel like a true champion in the business game.

From Sales Planning to Profit

Think of sales as a strategic battlefield.Your job is to figure out where to deploy your resources to maximize returns.

When a Sales Qualification Tool Isn't Enough

What would you say if I told you Formula 1 drivers train by driving down the track, looking exclusively in the rear-view mirror? Or what if I told you the most successful NFL football teams spend 90% of their practice sessions reviewing old game tapes?

Episode 294: What Does 'Good' Look Like in Sales? With Kate Lewis

Sales performance directly impacts a company's revenue and success. To achieve and maintain optimal sales performance, it is essential to invest in competency training and regularly measure sales performance.

Episode 293: Tailoring Sales Training for a Multicultural Marketplace with Leon Morris

Companies operating in today's globalized business world must have a diverse customer base belonging to various age groups, generations, and cultures. This makes it crucial for businesses to adapt their sales training strategies accordingly to better connect with their customers and boost their sales.

The Secret to AI is the Key to Better Sales Calls

When it comes to generative AI, we’ve all learned that a generic prompt renders a generic result – and the same holds true for your sales calls.

Your Playbook to Closing Crucial Deals in Q4

Let’s help you put a plan in place for year-end success. One that focuses on elements that every salesperson can control.

Refining High-Performing Leaders and Teams with Matt Phillips

we are joined by Matt Phillips, a High-Performance Sales Leadership Coach and Mental Toughness Expert at Matt Phillips Leadership Coaching. Matt is a former professional baseball player in Austria's Bundesliga (first league) and a Division-1 college baseball player in the United States. He also has an extensive background in operations, accounting, and business development, having worked and consulted for multiple Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

From Sales Planning to Profit with Dana Therrien

Sales planning - a daily discussion topic for every CRO and sales expert. Only a handful of organizations are really able to drive their sales numbers, while others feel like getting stuck.

What Sales Executives Need To Hear To Improve Results

Peter draws on 30 years of sales and sales management experience as he leads, mentors, trains, and coaches sales teams to greater heights. Leveraging the power of the ValueSelling Framework, he helps B2B sales organization worldwide increase revenue by selling value, shortening sales cycles and maximizing deal sizes.

The Importance of Having a Well-Trained Sales Team

Imagine a wall. If you have an untrained sales team, and you say, “Go, go, go,” they will inevitably keep running into the wall and bouncing off. After running into the wall enough times, you have to step back and ask how to get over it. There might be a lot of ways: you might be able to bring a ladder, make a human ladder, fly over, or use a pogo stick.

Webinars Are Not Dead!

Webinars. They’ve been around a long time, but are they still relevant? At times, they can get the reputation of being too time consuming and not providing the return that they once did. But, that doesn’t have to be if you know how to harness their superpowers.

What Everyone in Sales Needs to Know About Marketing

I get it, there’s some natural friction between sales and marketing. It’s okay, though. It’s a healthy form of competition, a symbiotic relationship keeping both sides sharp.

Virtual Selling

More and more organizations are implementing virtual selling as they reevaluate their travel budgets, cost of sales and changing desires of buyers.

Using Sales Analytics Across the Entire Organization

With a rise of big data, there are more and more opportunities for companies to leverage their analytics and drive different approaches to business return.

Understanding Retail Dynamics

Turn on the news and you hear countless stories about store closings and forgotten malls – no doubt casualties in the evolution of retail. With ecommerce displacing brick and mortars, it’s easy to cry “death of retail,” but retail is very much alive and thriving.

Inside Tips to Sales Success in the Public Sector

When you’re selling to the public sector, navigating the sales process is a lot like finding your way through the wilderness. There are a lot of odd rules and cultural expectations and it is an arena that is completely unforgiving of mistakes.

Increasing Self-Awareness

Inboxes fill up, task lists go unchecked – we all have times when we struggle with maintaining the balance between our personal and business lives. But if we want to be our best, we have to take the time to work on ourselves first, and understand who we are and what we bring to our relationships.

Improving the Sales Experience

Everyone is familiar with the phrase “customer experience.” But what about the experiences a customer has with a sale before signing on the dotted line?

Improving Change Intelligence

The world is continually going through a great deal of transformations. Whether these are digital transformations or sales transformations, they all mean the same thing: change has become the norm whether you like it or not.

How to Establish a Culture of Phenomenal Customer Experience

We claim to understand the importance of customer experience. Yet, too often we fail to truly internalize how customer experience affects buyer behavior, and impacts the way individuals interact with brands, with sellers, and with marketers.

How FUJIFILM Uses Big Picture Thinking to Grow

These days, when everyone has a digital camera in their pocket, you’d be hard pressed to think of a more obsolete sounding industry than camera film.

How Customers Decide to Buy

When a company is trying to figure out how to move its product and set itself apart from the competition, the first question in this process should not be, “how are we better than the competition?” But, “what is the customer trying to accomplish and what role can we play in enabling that?”

How and Why B2B Buyers Buy, and How To Connect With Them

The number of people talking about how B2B buyers have changed and are more informed today are legion. The question now becomes how do you understand them, how do you connect with them, and what do you need to know in order to connect with them effectively to drive revenue growth and results.

Generating Revenue in a Digital Agency

The digital agency space has seen a lot of consolidation over the years, with many getting bought up by “the Big Four.”

The 4 Pillars of Effective SEO

Mostafa El-Bermawy is VP of Marketing at Workzone, but “SEO” probably belongs somewhere in his title, too.
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