Episode 310: Modernizing Hiring Criteria for Next-Gen Leaders

GUEST: Ken Schmitt, Founder and CEO of TurningPoint Executive Search

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It used to be so easy to hire a professional with hundreds of CVs flooding your inbox.

But the game has changed, and to become the best, you need the best.

Technology has changed the rules, and that's where the problem lies.

Well then, we have a big question:

How can you shed some of your limited beliefs when it comes to hiring criteria and modernize them to help you hire effective leaders?

To help us with this today, we have Ken Schmitt, Founder and CEO of TurningPoint Executive Search. Bringing nearly three decades of experience in executing recruiting, Ken has witnessed the industry's transformation firsthand and has developed his skills in identifying exceptional talent. Additionally, Ken hosts the Hiring Matters podcast and serves on the boards of organizations like San Diego Sport Innovators, Junior Achievement of San Diego County, and Talentor International.

How Can You Balance AI and Human Insights to Revolutionize Talent Recruitment?

Facing the challenges of recruiting in today's world, it's essential to strike a perfect balance between leveraging AI for efficiency and preserving human interactions to ensure you don't overlook potential talent due to rigid automated screening processes. As we adapt to the post-2020 landscape, understanding and adjusting to the right team size and work modalities, be it in-office, remote, or hybrid, is crucial. This balance helps organizations attract and retain the top talent necessary for future success.

“One of the biggest challenges of hiring people is using people to hire people because everything is about efficiency, and AI is amazing. However, the flip side and the potential downside is that if you try to automate everything too much, then you lose that human interaction and you're weeding out great candidates”.

Ken Schmitt, Founder and CEO of TurningPoint Executive Search

When to Call in the Experts

Leveraging platforms like LinkedIn for recruiting is incredibly effective. However, there are specific scenarios where partnering with an executive search firm can be particularly beneficial. If you're facing a confidential search, struggling to fill a role after extensive efforts, or need to fill a high-impact, strategic position beyond the goal of your internal team, an executive search firm offers specialized expertise. Think of it as moving from general practice to surgical precision in recruitment. While it may come with higher costs, the investment aims to directly solve your unique hiring challenges, ensuring you find the perfect candidate for your crucial roles.

Choosing Vision Over Experience

Exploring leadership roles goes beyond past titles and experiences; it's about recognizing both seasoned professionals and those poised for growth. Ken highlights the importance of considering candidates with potential, like a VP ready to step into a CMO role, highlighting the need to evaluate their decision-making skills and strategic thinking over technical abilities. It's an approach that opens doors for emerging leaders and ensures companies benefit from fresh perspectives and dynamic leadership.

“Yes, a tried and true person is very important. But there's a very strong and typically deeper bucket that we call the up-and-comer”.

Ken Schmitt, Founder and CEO of TurningPoint Executive Search

Embracing the Future of Work

The pandemic has revolutionized our approach to work, making location flexibility a new norm. Traditionally, jobs were tied to physical locations. Now, many roles can be performed remotely, leading to a shift from activity-based to results-based management. Companies must adapt to this change, trusting employees to complete tasks without constant oversight, regardless of whether they work 20 or 50 hours a week.

This change requires a reevaluation of job roles and an openness to hybrid work models, blending in-office and remote work to maintain productivity and creativity. Leaders must engage with employees at all levels, leveraging their insights and adapting to technological advancements to optimize work dynamics.

“Companies have to adjust from being an activity-based organization, activity-based metrics to results-based, and I tell my team all the time, I don't care if it takes you 20 hours a week or 50 hours a week, as long as the work is getting done, I'm trusting you to do the job that I hired you for”.

Ken Schmitt, Founder and CEO of TurningPoint Executive Search

Revolutionizing Hiring for Inclusivity and Diversity

While progress is being made regarding inclusive hiring, much work remains in fully embracing neurodivergent individuals into the workforce. The challenge lies in companies recognizing the unique talents and perspectives these individuals bring and adapting hiring processes to be more accommodating.

Ken stresses the need for organizations to move beyond automated screening that often overlooks capable candidates, urging a shift towards understanding the full potential of every applicant. He advocates for a balanced approach that combines aptitude tests with behavioral interviewing, ensuring assessments are used as tools for understanding and managing rather than as the sole criteria for hiring.

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