Develop the skills to:

Create Cadences that Connect
Learn how to create strategically choreographed cadences across all communication models to prime memory, determine a prospect’s preferred communication channel and connect.
Capture Attention
Develop tailored messaging and leverage value-based stories to capture attention in the first 10 seconds of any sales call.
Get Prospects Talking
Discover how to handle objections and become a value-added interruption to set the foundation for an impactful business relationship.
Develop Messaging that Motivates Action
Leverage ​​the A-I-M Framework (anxiety, influence and motivation) in your messaging to prompt prospects to act.

“The framework gives my SDR/BDR team a strong set of foundational skills that they will continue to use for the rest of their career.”

VP of Sales

“Their methodology proved very valuable to uncover and capture value for customers and for us.”

Food & Nutrition, Manufacturing

“The framework creates an easy to understand, clearly defined vocabulary that allows for seamless transition from Suspect to MQL to Closed Won to Value Realized.”

VP of Sales

“ValueSelling = increased hit rate on won deals.”


“ValueSelling is the simplest, yet most powerful and relevant, B2B sales process I have worked with.”

Senior Vice President
Global Retail Sales and Field Operations, Retail

“ValueSelling works.”

VP, Sales & Marketing

Leading sales organizations are using Vortex Prospecting, a multi-channel, cadence-based approach, to secure more meetings and increase top-of-funnel revenue.

Ask any sales leader, and they’ll say their main challenge is getting more prospects in the top of the funnel, so how do you keep a steady stream of qualified leads and achieve ever-increasing revenue targets? 

Vortex Prospecting combines the best practices in multiple channels with the ValueSelling sales methodology to help close the execution gap, get more meetings and increase conversions. Customized to your target market and technology stack, Vortex Prospecting is a highly interactive instructor-led program that drives results. 

Fill the Funnel with High-potential Opps

Build credibility, peak curiosity and have more valuable business conversations.

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