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ValueSelling Account Plan (VSAP) empowers revenue teams with the insights they need to enhance account intelligence, identify expansion opportunities and develop a strategic account plan.

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Optimize Strategic Account Planning and Expansion

You know the value of customer retention, expansion sales and strategic account planning – and so do your revenue teams. Two problems stand in your way: inefficient resource allocation and a lack of buyer confidence.

ValueSelling Account Plan (VSAP) gives revenue teams the tools they need to overcome these challenges by providing:
Holistic Insight
Gain advanced insight into target accounts' goals, business issues and growth strategies.
Maximized Selling Time
Identify high-value opportunities and map stakeholder relationships across the enterprise.
Advanced Analytics
Discover advanced analysis of account developments, account health and account plan efficacy.
Hands-on Practice
Drive competitive differentiation and the desired value selling behaviors with real-world scenarios and feedback.

Develop the skills to:

Enhance Account Intelligence
Discover intuitive workflows for uncovering target accounts’ organizational structure and business goals, challenges and plans for growth broken down by business unit.
Drive Account Expansion
Drive account expansion by identifying high-potential opportunities with tailored ValuePrompters® and track stakeholder relationships with Power Maps.
Keep Deals on Track
Monitor account developments, assess the account plan's efficacy and pinpoint areas that require enhancement at a glance with an extensive array of reporting and dashboard features.
Develop a Strategic Plan
Leverage ​​SWOT and White Space analyses alongside competitive intel and differentiation tools to create actionable strategies and pull in the personnel and resources you need to make it happen.

“When B2B buyers feel confident about their ability to navigate a buying decision, they are 2.6 times more likely on average to expand an existing relationship…”


ValueSelling Account Plan turns sellers into the trusted business advisors that buyers crave in uncertain environments. VSAP contains every tool revenue teams need to build buyer confidence with a tailored approach to an account’s individual business units and key stakeholders across the organization.

Revenue leadership can harness its features for a holistic view of their revenue engine – providing you with the tools you need to efficiently analyze data, establish objectives and proactively track trends.

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