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Everyone knows the hardest thing to do is to change old habits and adopt new best practices. After investing in Vortex Prospecting training, how do you make sure your team actually uses what they learned? We have a solution – Vortex@Work® microlearning. It’s the bridge between the classroom and your next sales call.

Develop the skills to:

Practice Anytime, Anywhere
Discover an easy and contextually relevant way to practice Vortex Prospecting skills on the job.
Real-time Sales Coaching
Gain access to prompts and explanations that coach your sellers at the point of need.
Ongoing Reinforcement
Equip sellers with 13 modules to reinforce critical Vortex Prospecting concepts and solidify the desired selling behaviors.

How Perceptyx Transformed Their Revenue Engine

Perceptyx needed a sales methodology that enabled them to scale their business through a consistent focus on the value they bring to customers. 
Man talking on his headset.
Everyone says they’re busy, but busy doesn’t mean productive. Vortex@Work is designed to create focus and reinforce the key concepts of effective prospecting. Drive your team’s prospecting to greater heights through:
More consistent activity and top-of-the-funnel activity from reps.
Better Leads
Better qualified leads mean more conversations – and increased revenue and sales velocity.
The Confidence to Call Higher
A proven playbook builds enhanced confidence when interacting with executive-level prospects.

“Provided almost immediate value to our organization, which was refreshing.”

VP of Sales

“The system enables a seamless buying experience for the customer and allows for the sales professional to understand the customer’s needs, wants, business issues, and desired value.”

VP of Sales

“My advice to women seeking leadership positions: We’re in these roles because somebody put us there. Trust yourself. Be confident. Take risks. Ask and advocate for what’s best for you, your team, your customer, and your organization."

Laurie Schrager, Chief Operating Officer, Element Analytics

“Triple your investment in training and incorporate the methodology across your organization. It works better when the entire company understands how to approach a consultative sale.”

VP, Sales & Marketing

“The ValueSelling Framework aligned with our high touch, consultative selling model.”


“Their methodology proved very valuable to uncover and capture value for customers and for us.”

Food & Nutrition, Manufacturing

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