eValueSelling™ Fundamentals

Now, you can quickly learn the essential components of the ValueSelling Framework® in less than three hours, anytime and anywhere. Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming workshop or want to learn independently, eValueSelling Fundamentals will meet your needs. 

Up-to-date with the latest adult instructional design principles, you will learn concepts in the context of real-world examples. From using the Qualified Prospect Formula® to determine the health of your opportunity, to using the ValuePrompter® to prepare for your next call, this online course will help you get ready to accelerate your sales to the next level.

Develop the skills to:

Gain Access to Decision-Makers
Learn about organizational roles, power structures and strategies for gaining and maintaining access to decision-makers.
Elevate Business Conversations
Leverage O-P-C questions to identify and validate business issues and the prospect’s idea of the ideal solution.
Hands-on Practice
Work through activities to validate understanding, internalize key concepts and develop a plan for implementing these into your daily selling routines.

How FMT Consultants Realized the Best Quarter in the Company's History

FMT’s sales leaders detail how the ValueSelling Framework® and Vortex Prospecting™ allow them to maintain their customer-first approach, always placing the client’s needs first and never losing sight of value realization.

A quick and essential introduction to the ValueSelling Framework® method.

In the eValueSelling Fundamentals course, sales professionals:

  • Acquaint themselves with the ValueSelling Framework® vocabulary, terms, processes and concepts in less than 3 hours
  • Practice using the ValuePrompter® (our proprietary tool for efficiently preparing for sales calls.)
  • Get in-depth lessons on how to use the Qualified Prospect Formula®, the ValuePrompter® and the Mutual Plan tools
  • Practice using the O-P-C Questioning Process to improve business conversations and uncover unique needs.
Image of ValueSelling Framework on a desktop, laptop, and ipad.
eValueSelling Fundamentals® provides the foundation of ValueSelling vocabulary, terms, processes and concepts in under three hours and is typically included as part of a blended learning program for our clients. The learning journey includes:
Eight Modules
Eight modules covering key ValueSelling Framework concepts. Each module is approximately 20 minutes long and is structured to allow you to revisit and refresh any concept anytime.
Knowledge Checks
Comprehensive knowledge challenge tests evaluate your understanding and keep you focused.
Real World Relevancy
The course includes a practical, downloadable workbook and simulations/games based on real-life case studies.
Engaging & Accessible Content
Modules are packed with rich media video explanations and available in nine languages: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English, Spanish EU, Spanish LATAM, German, French and Italian.

“A reliable partner with sales methodology that improves performance.”

Chief Revenue Officer

“ValueSelling = increased hit rate on won deals.”


“Revolutionized my sales funnel.”

VP of Sales

“Provided almost immediate value to our organization, which was refreshing.”

VP of Sales

“Engage with the ValueSelling team sooner!”

VP of Sales

“Invest in your personal and business value with one training. It is value for a lifetime.”

Chief Customer Officer

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