Virtual Sales Training

Help your teams gain crucial value-selling skills in a collaborative, virtual learning environment. It’s no secret that it’s even more critical than ever that your sales organization is efficient and effective in engaging, qualifying, advancing and closing opportunities – equip them to overcome these challenges in an accommodating and engaging virtual environment.

Develop the capabilities to:

Decrease New Hire Ramp Time
Efficiently onboard new hires and build rapport between geographically distributed teams.
Increase Sales Prospecting Effectiveness
Give your teams the playbooks to prospect even more diligently and excel in today’s virtual-first environment.
Build Buyer Confidence
Equip all customer-facing roles to establish trust and rapport immediately in a digital world.
Keep Deals on Track
Give your teams the framework to keep deals moving forward with less face-to-face time.
Women talking on zoom call.

We Do Not Sell Training. We Sell Results.

The ValueSelling Framework program provides all customer-facing professionals with a proven process and tools to engage, qualify, advance and close the sale. Each program is tailored to your organization, your industry, your client set and your role.

Workshops feature hands-on, interactive exercises that build the “muscle memory” of newly developed skills. Then, follow-on reinforcement solidifies your skills and ensures you can put training to work on Day 1. 
Replicable Process
The power of the ValueSelling framework lies in its simplicity, repeatability and applicability to every complex selling situation. Plus, it’s easy to understand and use daily without unlearning other sales skills/processes. 
Business Conversations
Gain the skills to have a business-focused sales conversation with prospects regardless of the industry or size. Learn how to uncover, articulate and confirm the value a buyer will receive bydoing business with you.
Common Language
Discover an integrated, questioning process to manage any conversation, along with the tools and skills to execute effectively. Plus, leverage the same framework internally to eliminate silos and create a seamless CX.
Learner-centric Experiences
We collaborate with you to create a tailored, learner-centric experience that boosts sales skillsthrough participant-centered workshops, engaging eLearning, follow-on reinforcement and a proven change management approach.

How Perceptyx Transformed Their Revenue Engine

Perceptyx needed a sales methodology that enabled them to scale their business through a consistent focus on the value they bring to customers. They chose ValueSelling for our tailored programs, the quality of our virtual training and our ability to train across the revenue function.

“Works for any level of sales experience or product/service you are selling.”

Chief Sales Officer

“ValueSelling is the simplest, yet most powerful and relevant, B2B sales process I have worked with.”

Senior Vice President
Global Retail Sales and Field Operations, Retail

“Training roll-out and execution was among the best our team has experienced. From the beginning and through today, they remain an essential partner to me and my sales organization.”

Regional Vice President of Sales

“They have been a true partner to us and helped us transform our sales operations. Over the past 24 months, they have enabled us to shatter our sales goals.”

Senior Vice President of Sales

“They have real world experience and understand how to apply the content, process, and philosophy to real world engagements and go-to-market teams.”

Senior Vice President
Global Retail Sales and Field Operations, Retail

“Engage with the ValueSelling team sooner!”

VP of Sales

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