In 2019, we re-envisioned our core eLearning program, eValueSelling® Fundamentals, to be more representative of our world. We integrated the best practices for adult learners and cast a diverse group of actors, including a Black woman as CEO and others from BIPOC communities in positions of power. Our eLearning is tailored by language with images that support diversity in ethnicity, gender and age.

“It was extremely important for us to hire a sales training company that could offer a sales methodology through a DEI lens. Our team wanted to see themselves reflected in the sales trainers. The ValueSelling facilitators, content, and eLearning modules presented a mix of gender, ethnicity, countries, and even tattoos.”

Michelle Festa, Sales Training & Enablement, Justworks

Holding ourselves accountable

As part of the onboarding process, we enroll every team member in diversity and inclusion training, heightening their awareness of the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in our sales profession and global society.

We believe in the power of a diverse workforce and the value of different perspectives — and we’ve created recruiting practices that match our values and beliefs: 

  • For all ValueSelling Associates, Inc. roles, we’re committed to interviewing a slate of candidates that’s at a minimum 40% diverse. 


Women make up over half of the global workforce. Yet, they represent fewer than one-third of all B2B sales positions (Harvard Business Review). Only 25% of salespeople in the tech industry are women, and of that number, only 12% are sales leaders (Women in Sales).

While the sales profession has been traditionally male-dominated, a 2019 Xactly study substantiates the value of women in sales: 86% of women achieved quota, compared to 78% of men.

At ValueSelling Associates, the entire leadership team is women, and 40% of our global team are women. As more young women enter STEM fields and the sales profession, there is an increasing necessity to ensure they have role models, mentors and coaches. We are happy to be a role model in B2B sales.

“My advice to women seeking leadership positions: We’re in these roles because somebody put us there. Trust yourself. Be confident. Take risks. Ask and advocate for what’s best for you, your team, your customer, and your organization.”

Laurie Schrager, Chief Operating Officer,Element Analytics

Holding ourselves accountable

Julie Thomas, President and CEO, is an esteemed member of the eWomenNetwork Foundation Advisory Council. The eWomenNetwork Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and in-kind services in support of health, safety, and wellness initiatives, educational scholarships, and entrepreneurial mentorships for women and children.


Business-to-business sales can be mighty complex. The buying cycle involves numerous stakeholders. The competitive landscape includes too many options. The time horizon can last months, if not years. Yet, it is exactly this unpredictability that makes B2B sales a challenge that is both fun and rewarding.

As sales professionals, we love what we do. The best part of our job is empowering individuals to achieve results they never thought were possible. We have seen thousands of people increase the quality of their professional and personal lives — by excelling in sales.

Sales skills are an integral part of success. We sell ourselves and our ideas to our peers and our parents, to potential employers and future partners. Sales is one of the fastest ways that a person can earn social and financial capital. The path to empowering future generations is through inclusion.

“Thank you so much for the ValueSelling Associates scholarship. It helped me ease my financial obligations so that I could focus on my studies and job searching. I will be the first person in my family to graduate from university, so please know how grateful my parents are for your donation as well.”

P. Garcia, Student, Leeds School of Business

Holding ourselves accountable

Since 2005, we have supported the next generation of sales professionals through the ValueSelling Associates Endowed Scholarship Fund at the University of Colorado, Leeds School of Business. In 2020, we added a second scholarship for students from historically underrepresented groups who are interested in pursuing a career in sales.

ValueSelling Associates was asked to partner with Connect-US, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Bridgeport, CT. Connect-US brings together suburban and urban neighbors to improve the quality of outcomes for young people living in communities of concentrated poverty. Julie Thomas will lead workshops and training for high schoolers and make eValueSelling Fundamentals eLearning available to them.


In a global economy, value-based selling means respecting and celebrating gender, ethnic and cultural diversity, championing the value of different perspectives, and holding ourselves accountable to do what’s right. At ValueSelling Associates, we believe in our profession, our clients and our company. We value diversity, equity and inclusion.