ValueSelling for Marketing Pros

ValueSelling for Marketing Pros teaches marketing to leverage the same methodology as sales – complete with the additional tools and techniques they need to showcase the unique value your company brings to the market. Equipped with these tools, marketing teams will increase top-of-funnel activity, build brand trust and improve the customer experience. 

Develop the skills to:

Drive Alignment
Eliminate product-centric marketing motions and align your revenue engine with a common language and framework.
Increased Brand Trust
The buyer doesn't want to be "handed off." When sales and marketing speak the same language, your CX and brand loyalty improve.
Customer-centric Messaging
Drive differentiation and urgency with messaging that speaks directly to a buyer's most pressing business issues.
Improved Campaigns
Connecting your unique solutions to a prospect's urgent business issues creates high-quality marketing campaigns.
Higher MQL Conversions
When your revenue engine is aligned with a common framework, teams share insights more efficiently and drive more actionable leads.
Assets to Prompt Engagement
Give sales teams collateral aligned to the ValueSelling Framework® to create a consistent CX and speed time to close.
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ValueSelling & Kimberly-Clark Professional Accelerated Exponential Growth

Based on the proven ValueSelling Framework®, ValueSelling for Marketing Pros helped  Kimberly-Clark Professional’s marketing teams to support revenue growth by improving marketing-influenced pipeline, increasing leads and delivering positive ROMI.

A global rollout coupled with ten consulting touchpoints led to sustainable and impressive growth:
Seller Confidence
15% average increase in seller confidence of marketing materials
Ad Campaigns
186% increase in click-through-rates (CTR) on ad campaigns
234% increase in leads from tradeshows
Deal Size
292% increase in deal size when ValueSelling applied

Sales/Marketing Alignment Generates 32% Higher Revenue, 36% More Customers and 38% Higher Win Rates (Aberdeen Group)

Building on the foundation of The ValueSelling Framework®, ValueSelling for Marketing Pros begins with a virtual event, "Why Change, Why Now," to level-set goals. Next, participants enroll in eValueSelling Fundamentals®, our e-learning course that covers the fundamentals of ValueSelling. Then comes a two-day instructor-led workshop (or four half-days, if conducted virtually), customized to include a deep dive into either content assessment and/or persona creation/enhancement. Topics include:

  • Reviewing the ValueSelling Framework
  • Using O-P-C Questions and Building the Differentiated Vision Match
  • Having the Value Conversation Targeting Power and Creating Mutual Plans
  • Leveraging Storytelling
  • Creating Compelling Content
  • Developing Powerful Personas
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The Power of an Aligned Revenue Engine

Discover How Kimberly-Clark Professional Transformed Its Marketing Approach

“Triple your investment in training and incorporate the methodology across your organization. It works better when the entire company understands how to approach a consultative sale.”

VP, Sales & Marketing

“Their methodology proved very valuable to uncover and capture value for customers and for us.”

Food & Nutrition, Manufacturing

“The framework creates an easy to understand, clearly defined vocabulary that allows for seamless transition from Suspect to MQL to Closed Won to Value Realized.”

VP of Sales

“ValueSelling = increased hit rate on won deals.”


“ValueSelling is the simplest, yet most powerful and relevant, B2B sales process I have worked with.”

Senior Vice President
Global Retail Sales and Field Operations, Retail

“ValueSelling works.”

VP, Sales & Marketing

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