Develop the capabilities for:

AI Role-Plays
Dive into realistic scenarios tailored to your unique sales landscape—including your products, target customer profiles and competitive environment. These simulations provide critical feedback on both the substance and style of business conversation to improve seller confidence and buyer engagement.
Individualized Coaching:
Discover the power of personalized performance tracking. Our platform uses bespoke rubrics that adapt dynamically based on individual sales interactions and coaching sessions. This empowers your managers to offer precise, bias-free feedback, aligned to the ValueSelling Framework and your distinct sales process.
Just-in-Time Learning:
Trigger targeted learning sessions at the moment of need. Our system is designed to reinforce the desired selling behaviors instantly, enabling your revenue teams to advance opportunities effectively, even without direct manager involvement.
Real-world Call & Opp Analysis
Evaluate call execution, auto-populate a ValuePrompter and score the conversation against our powerful opportunity assessment tool – helping you maximize selling time and sales manager effectiveness, and improve forecast accuracy.
Salespeople working with a cute AI-powered robot to hit their sales goals.

Trade Integration Headaches for Seamless Productivity

Platform switching and bloated tech stacks mean wasted selling time and frustrated sales professionals. ValueCoach AI's planned integrations will enable you to experience just-in-time learning, real-world call and opportunity feedback, and dynamic, individualized coaching plans when and where you need them.
CRM Integration
Experience seamless connectivity with the world’s most popular CRMs: Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.
LMS Integration
Access to just-in-time resources from market-leading LMSs like Docebo.

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