Case Studies

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At Weir Group PLC, the future is now. As one of the world’s leading engineering businesses, Weir is on a mission to make its customers’ mining and infrastructure operations more sustainable and efficient. Leadership recognized the need to transform from a features and functionality mindset to one rooted in value. They needed a proven way to determine what customers truly valued, drive consistency in the sales process and improve the customer experience. In 2021, Weir’s leadership implemented the ValueSelling Framework® with a structured rollout across all Europe and METCA teams, learn more.

Weir’s customer-facing teams immediately saw the power of a shared sales methodology:

- 93% agreed/strongly agreed that the training advanced their customer-facing skills

- 100% agreed/strongly agreed that the materials will be an ongoing resource

- 100% agreed/strongly agreed that they possessed strong knowledge of value-based selling concepts post-training

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An emerging, cloud-based marketing automation platform company need greater forecast accuracy. The company’s entire value chain—from executive team, Board members, pre-sales, product, customer engagement, professional services—adopted the ValueSelling Framework® and are well on their way to meeting their triple-digit revenue growth goals.
  • Lead conversions improved from 25% to 40%
  • Realistic and accurate forecast for sales leadership
  • Seamless hand-off leads to better client service
Business Services


In hyper-growth, an engineering and energy services firm was looking to operate more efficiently and effectively with a strategic sales approach. The practical ValueSelling Framework® sales methodology was easy-to-understand and replicate, helping the sales and engineering team focus conversations on customer value.
  • Higher win rates
  • More time spent on winnable business via a stringent, qualification process
  • Broader solutions for all stakeholders
SaaS / Technology / Telecom


Cable Bahamas was transforming itself from a commoditized “TV company” to a custom solution provider and needed a sure-fire way to develop greater customer intimacy. They implemented the ValueSelling Framework® sales methodology, which resulted in the sales team exceeding targets, strengthening relationships with top echelon customers and uncovering more opportunities.
  • 107% of sales goals in FY 2020, remarkable given the negative impact of Hurricane Dorian (September 2019) and COVID-19 pandemic (March 2020)
  • Commercial cable business 182% of quota
  • Mobile business 155% of quota
SaaS / Technology / Telecom


One of Denmark’s most innovative IoT companies provides a mobile communication channel for shopping malls to increase foot traffic. Invited to “inspire” prospects, the presentations led nowhere. To jump-start the conversations and start winning business, the entire sales and leadership team adopted the ValueSelling Framework®.
  • In 6 months, order size increased 9x
  • Average order size has grown 10x YOY
  • Solutions sold rose from 1 to 10
SaaS / Technology / Telecom


Hanzo, with its suite of AI-powered investigative technology, knew that adopting a single process and methodology would make the team more productive. For closer alignment, the sales and marketing teams learned the ValueSelling Framework®, enabling a common language focused on customer value, and now Hanzo delivers a seamless customer experience.
  • Qualification became 2x faster
  • Time to close decreased by 50%
  • Tenured reps exceeding previous year by as much as 350%


Learning company HMH (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) made the strategic decision to adopt the ValueSelling Framework® as the keystone to an integration that involved a common sales system, a common sales process and a common language—all focused on the customer. Bringing together 14 separate sales teams resulted in a global transformation:
  • From product-centric to customer-centric
  • From core education-based to integrated solution-based
  • From content publisher to learning company
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Hitachi Vantara needed a consistent sales approach to catalyze cohesion and accelerate revenue growth. They chose ValueSelling to unify the global team through a learning program that included eLearning, instructor-led training, monthly reinforcement and coaching to drive adoption. Within a few months of using the ValueSelling Framework®, they increased average deal value by the millions. By the end of the year, the team logged its best quarter in years.
  • 3x increase in bookings quarter over quarter
  • Reduced sales cycle time
  • Improved win rate


A global manufacturer was expanding into the US water metering market with success dependent on transforming technical speak into business conversations. Hundreds of sales, marketing, and product management team members around the globe participated in a ValueSelling Framework® workshop and the ValueSelling processes were into the CRM system.
  • Higher win rates with larger utilities
  • More rigorous assessment of opportunities to identify, advance, and close, faster
  • Poised for leadership in the US, which represents 50% of the water metering market


JAMPRO’s transformation hinged on the adoption of the ValueSelling Framework sales methodology, coaching and ongoing reinforcement. Implementation of ValueSelling increased the team’s sales skills, enhanced team morale and established a training and development program that would support a high-performance sales culture.
  • Capital Investments (Capex) – Achieved 100% of targets
  • Job creation – Achieved 128% of targets
  • Export sales – Achieved 88% of targets (an amazing feat given a fallout of operations in the bauxite/aluminum industry, a major exporting segment)
Business Services


A network security company was running against numerous competitors that sold the same commoditized products to US government agencies. Instead of competing on price, they became a leading value-based government service provider, cultivating long-term relationships by using the ValueSelling Framework®.
  • Services business tripled in growth
  • All time high Customer Net Promoter Scores
  • Company-driven products/solutions are more than 50% of total revenues, industry average is 25%
Business Services


To drive rapid growth, a leading provider of market intelligence solutions needed to increase close rates and better articulate its value proposition. Since adopting the ValueSelling Framework®, the company has quintupled its revenue. The organization successfully integrates newly hired and acquired sales executives and managers quickly with the ValueSelling methodology.
  • 33% increase in gross revenues
  • 22% increase in productivity
  • In 2016, the firm had its best half ever
Business Services


The doeLEGAL team sought to accelerate growth. By using the ValueSelling Framework® for more precision in value-based messaging, doeLEGAL began implementing higher-performing inbound campaigns to drive more leads and support the sales effort to win against the competition and unseat incumbents.
  • 3x increase in RFP wins
  • 300% increase in demo requests
  • 100% increase in website engagement via campaign email calls to action (CTAs)

SaaS / Technology / Telecom


How are sales leaders solving their pipeline conversion challenges? The CRO at Evergage knew the key to drive revenue was to adopt a common language and a simple, yet rigorous, qualification process. He was right. In the span of a fiscal quarter, the sales team drove real results with the ValueSelling Framework®.
  • Largest quarter in the company’s history
  • 50% of the enterprise team was 150% or more over quota
  • The entire sales team crushed their numbers 4 days prior to end of quarter
Business Services


The young scientists and engineers of the Parallax team excelled at ideating novel solutions but fell short when it came to connecting the dots between the client’s critical mission issues and the broader business solutions Parallax offers. A value-based approach to managing conversations brought the teams together during the COVID-19 pandemic, facilitated greater customer engagement, and kept projects in the pipeline alive in an increasingly competitive market.
  • Sustainable funding increases
  • 4-fold increase in project pipeline through-put
  • Increased RFPs and won more recompetes


A global designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art ovens, which are supplied to the world’s top chefs, award-winning restaurants and high-end retailers, sought to extend its lean manufacturing efficiencies into the sales process. The ValueSelling Framework® proved to be the perfect solution with its inherent qualities of simplicity, efficiency and elegance.
  • 75% close rate
  • 25% and 35% increase in on-site prospect meetings in 2016 and 2017, respectively
  • 23.5% increase in sales and 29% EBITDA
Business Services


Senior leadership went all-in with the ValueSelling Framework®, training 600 sales reps in 6 languages with 21 ValueSelling workshop facilitators as part of the annual sales kick-off. Sellers immediately applied the methodology to opportunities in the pipeline while marketing and product teams created sales enablement materials fully aligned with the ValueSelling process.
  • Sales team qualifying deals more effectively
  • Sales reps engaging in more meaningful conversations with decision makers
  • Bigger deals coming in faster
SaaS / Technology / Telecom


The ValueSelling Framework gave the Paylocity sales team a clear, concise and consistent method to manage conversations with decision-makers. Armed with a completed ValuePrompter, Paylocity’s account executives are educated and knowledgeable before a sales call with a prospective client. This executive alignment helps facilitate purposeful conversations with decision-makers that often push the deals “over the edge.”
  • Significant increase in rep productivity, deal size and First Time Appointments (FTAs)
  • Exceeded quota in YE2019 and YE2020
SaaS / Technology / Telecom


Wildix saw immediate results by aligning the sales and marketing teams around a common language and sales methodology — the ValueSelling Framework®. Leadership decided to share this easy-to-apply formula by offering ValueSelling training to its resellers. Now Wildix certified partners are empowered to qualify quicker, sell on value and grow their businesses with UC&C solutions.
  • Secure more channel partners, faster
  • Offer a proven way to grow reseller business
  • Expand market share YOY