ValueSelling@Work™ microlearning helps your salesforce build skills, reinforce habits and achieve results immediately following their training experience. Whether in the field, working from home or in the office, ValueSelling@Work empowers individuals with pointers and prompts to practice their newly acquired skills, achieve early success and gain greater confidence.

Develop the skills to:

Practice Anytime, Anywhere
Discover a simple and contextually relevant way for sellers to practice ValueSelling skills on the job.
Real-time Sales Coaching
Gain access to prompts and explanations that coach your salespeople right when they need it.
Ongoing Reinforcement
Equip sellers with 14 modules to reinforce critical ValueSelling Framework concepts and solidify the desired selling behaviors.

How Perceptyx Transformed Their Revenue Engine

Perceptyx needed a sales methodology that enabled them to scale their business through a consistent focus on the value they bring to customers. 
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Ensure sales training success with ongoing reinforcement on the go.

Each module of ValueSelling @Work focuses on a specific ValueSelling topic to help your team overcome sales challenges and hone their ValueSelling sales skills – providing you with an easy way to reinforce ValueSelling concepts within the context of your sales process and increase adoption and behavioral change. Reinforcement topics include:
Opportunity Assessment
Hands-on practice in applying the opportunity assessment tool.
Sales Call Planning
Review pre-call/next-call planning with a ValuePrompter®.
Mutual Plans
Focus on the value of the Mutual Plan and review how to begin with the end in mind.
Business Issues
Practice successfully identifying business issues, becoming a problem expert and creating solutions with your customers.
Differentiating on Value
Reinforce critical behaviors such as driving differentiation, uncovering personal value and uncovering business value.
Accessing Decision-makers
Identify who has power and bargain for access.
Questioning Techniques
Practice using the O-P-C questioning technique, along with anxiety questions, to uncover crucial info.

“The value-based methodology is easy to understand, infinitely repeatable, and works whether you are involved in C-suite, complex deals or transactional one-time sales.”

VP of Sales

“Super engaging and so much fun.”

Director, Business Development

“Their methodology proved very valuable to uncover and capture value for customers and for us.”

Food & Nutrition, Manufacturing

“The framework gives my SDR/BDR team a strong set of foundational skills that they will continue to use for the rest of their career.”

VP of Sales

“The best sales training I’ve ever taken.”

Sales Manager

“Forecasts are far more accurate.”

VP of Sales

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