Develop the skills to:

Maximize Research
Develop the skills to quickly identify research goals and the workflows to find crucial information quickly.
Talk the Talk
Discover a framework for easily identifying key business trends and interpreting financial financial data.
Create Powerful Profiles
Leverage our interactive tool to efficiently build robust executive profiles.
Prep for Sales Calls
Tailor your approach to the C-suite audience and maximize every interaction.
Open Doors to Decision-makers
Learn to negotiate with and bypass gatekeepers to gain access to the people in charge.
Gain Confidence
You don’t have to be an executive’s peer to be a trusted business advisor – gain the confidence to sell to the C-suite.

“The framework creates an easy to understand, clearly defined vocabulary that allows for seamless transition from Suspect to MQL to Closed Won to Value Realized.”

VP of Sales

“Invest in your personal and business value with one training. It is value for a lifetime.”

Chief Customer Officer

“The best sales training I’ve ever taken.”

Sales Manager

“Training roll-out and execution was among the best our team has experienced. From the beginning and through today, they remain an essential partner to me and my sales organization.”

Regional Vice President of Sales

“We love the quality and flexibility of the ValueSelling Framework. Their personal focus in shaping training for us is truly unique in the industry.”

Senior Vice President
Sales, Services

“Overall experience with ValueSelling has been transformative.”

Director, Business Development

“71% of sales leaders say their reps lack the ability to connect their solution to business issues.”


When selling to the C-suite, salespeople only have one chance to make a favorable impression – make it count with a value-added conversation rooted in insightful questions that make executives stop, take note and engage with you.

Executive Speak develops the business acumen of your teams to help them think like an executive, predict potential business issues and then correlate how your products and services impact financial metrics. Plus, it increases their confidence and competence to sell at the executive level. 

Selling at the CHRO-level

Perceptyx transformed their revenue engine to show clients that they would be signing up with partners for the long-term. 
How to gain executive access.

Every sales professional wants to be considered a trusted advisor.

To do so, a rep needs to understand the executive-level drivers. They must speak the language of business—the language of finance. It’s easy with Executive Speak.

Built off the globally proven ValueSelling Framework® sales methodology. This award-winning, interactive e-learning module features the 360° Profile Builder™, a unique tool that helps turn information into insights and automatically populates within the eValuePrompter. 
Turn Info to Insights
The unique 360° Profile Builder™ guides you in collecting key pieces of data and generating insightful questions to manage the conversation.
Think Like an Executive
Predict potential business objectives and problems, then correlate how your products and services impact their financial metrics.
Gain Access
Develop tailored communications campaigns that establish your credibility and demonstrate your knowledge and interest in them.

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