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Align Your Revenue Engine & Boost Sales Productivity

Gain advanced insights into what's working and improve the customer experience by giving all customer-facing teams a common toolset – and discover an easier way to qualify prospects, manage opportunity details, accurately forecast and close bigger deals faster.
Sales Call Preparation
Sales playbooks broken down by persona and verticals. Capture critical information before, during and after calls in the voice of the customer.
Opportunity Assessment Tool
Efficiently qualify opportunities and identify areas of risk at a glance to get winnable business back on track.
Stakeholder Mapping
Engage and add value across the buying group to ensure every opportunity is multi-threaded and every unique need met.
Automated Mutual Plan Development
Effective and accurate follow-up to discovery calls using the voice of the customer.

Develop the skills to:

Improve Selling Behaviors and Measure Adoption
Easy-to-access dashboards enable advanced analytics and help track who leverages the methodology and its impact.
Maximize Selling Time
Frictionless data entry with templates, playbooks, and guides sharply reduces admin work and the time spent working inside Salesforce.
Create Accurate Forecasts
Effective and predictable deal reviews coupled with the  Opportunity Assessment tool provide a powerful, objective formula for evaluating and tracking your pipeline.
Transform Sales Coaching
Access “Helpful Hints” guidance throughout every sales cycle step to enable just-in-time coaching and access a comprehensive overview of selling behaviors to ensure sellers walk away with actionable advice.
Build a Seamless CX
The eValuePrompter ensures smooth handoffs between sales, customer success and support – and it equips marketing and enablement with insight into customer needs, desires and behavior.

Deals over $100K using the eValuePrompter grew 130% to 175% more compared to those without.

Use the eValuePrompter to drive adoption and measure the significant impact of the ValueSelling Framework on your top and bottom line. Learn how you can incorporate the eValuePrompter into Salesforce and achieve these types of results:

Sales reps, managers, and account teams trained on the ValueSelling Framework realized an average 65% increase in deal size, nine months post-training.

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