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Your solutions deliver meaningful value to your clients -- and their complexity makes it challenging to convey the right information, to the right stakeholder, at the right time. Value-based selling tackles these challenges by helping tech companies avoid a product-led approach and focus on customer value. Discover a reliable way to reduce rep churn, increase average rep productivity and increase forecast accuracy.


An emerging, cloud-based marketing automation platform company need greater forecast accuracy. The company’s entire value chain—from executive team, Board members, pre-sales, product, customer engagement, professional services—adopted the ValueSelling Framework® and are well on their way to meeting their triple-digit revenue growth goals.
  • Lead conversions improved from 25% to 40%
  • Realistic and accurate forecast for sales leadership
  • Seamless hand-off leads to better client service


Cable Bahamas was transforming itself from a commoditized “TV company” to a custom solution provider and needed a sure-fire way to develop greater customer intimacy. They implemented the ValueSelling Framework® sales methodology, which resulted in the sales team exceeding targets, strengthening relationships with top echelon customers and uncovering more opportunities.
  • 107% of sales goals in FY 2020, remarkable given the negative impact of Hurricane Dorian (September 2019) and COVID-19 pandemic (March 2020)
  • Commercial cable business 182% of quota
  • Mobile business 155% of quota


One of Denmark’s most innovative IoT companies provides a mobile communication channel for shopping malls to increase foot traffic. Invited to “inspire” prospects, the presentations led nowhere. To jump-start the conversations and start winning business, the entire sales and leadership team adopted the ValueSelling Framework®.
  • In 6 months, order size increased 9x
  • Average order size has grown 10x YOY
  • Solutions sold rose from 1 to 10


How are sales leaders solving their pipeline conversion challenges? The CRO at Evergage knew the key to drive revenue was to adopt a common language and a simple, yet rigorous, qualification process. He was right. In the span of a fiscal quarter, the sales team drove real results with the ValueSelling Framework®.
  • Largest quarter in the company’s history
  • 50% of the enterprise team was 150% or more over quota
  • The entire sales team crushed their numbers 4 days prior to end of quarter


Hanzo, with its suite of AI-powered investigative technology, knew that adopting a single process and methodology would make the team more productive. For closer alignment, the sales and marketing teams learned the ValueSelling Framework®, enabling a common language focused on customer value, and now Hanzo delivers a seamless customer experience.
  • Qualification became 2x faster
  • Time to close decreased by 50%
  • Tenured reps exceeding previous year by as much as 350%


Hitachi Vantara needed a consistent sales approach to catalyze cohesion and accelerate revenue growth. They chose ValueSelling to unify the global team through a learning program that included eLearning, instructor-led training, monthly reinforcement and coaching to drive adoption. Within a few months of using the ValueSelling Framework®, they increased average deal value by the millions. By the end of the year, the team logged its best quarter in years.
  • 3x increase in bookings quarter over quarter
  • Reduced sales cycle time
  • Improved win rate


Wildix saw immediate results by aligning the sales and marketing teams around a common language and sales methodology — the ValueSelling Framework®. Leadership decided to share this easy-to-apply formula by offering ValueSelling training to its resellers. Now Wildix certified partners are empowered to qualify quicker, sell on value and grow their businesses with UC&C solutions.
  • Secure more channel partners, faster
  • Offer a proven way to grow reseller business
  • Expand market share YOY


The ValueSelling Framework gave the Paylocity sales team a clear, concise and consistent method to manage conversations with decision-makers. Armed with a completed ValuePrompter, Paylocity’s account executives are educated and knowledgeable before a sales call with a prospective client. This executive alignment helps facilitate purposeful conversations with decision-makers that often push the deals “over the edge.”
  • Significant increase in rep productivity, deal size and First Time Appointments (FTAs)
  • Exceeded quota in YE2019 and YE2020