You produce some of the most innovative products in your marketplace, but your prospects see your products as commodities. Sound familiar? It's no secret that manufacturing firms often need more differentiation, pricing integrity and a dependable way to elevate the selling conversation above a simple transaction. Value-based selling is the framework for building business relationships that help you weather fierce competition, supply chain fluctuations, and everything in between. Discover a reliable method for increasing YOY profitability/share of gains and extending lean manufacturing efficiencies into sales process.


A global manufacturer was expanding into the US water metering market with success dependent on transforming technical speak into business conversations. Hundreds of sales, marketing, and product management team members around the globe participated in a ValueSelling Framework® workshop and the ValueSelling processes were into the CRM system.
  • Higher win rates with larger utilities
  • More rigorous assessment of opportunities to identify, advance, and close, faster
  • Poised for leadership in the US, which represents 50% of the water metering market


A global designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art ovens, which are supplied to the world’s top chefs, award-winning restaurants and high-end retailers, sought to extend its lean manufacturing efficiencies into the sales process. The ValueSelling Framework® proved to be the perfect solution with its inherent qualities of simplicity, efficiency and elegance.
  • 75% close rate
  • 25% and 35% increase in on-site prospect meetings in 2016 and 2017, respectively
  • 23.5% increase in sales and 29% EBITDA