Business Services

As a business services company, you're likely facing challenges such as building online trust, integrating marketing and sales teams, and dealing with increased competition and dwindling customer loyalty. Value-based selling helps your teams stand apart and accelerate the buying journey by uncovering value that motivates prospects to act. Discover a reliable method for exceeding quota, reducing “no decisions” and increasing customer retention.


In hyper-growth, an engineering and energy services firm was looking to operate more efficiently and effectively with a strategic sales approach. The practical ValueSelling Framework® sales methodology was easy-to-understand and replicate, helping the sales and engineering team focus conversations on customer value.
  • Higher win rates
  • More time spent on winnable business via a stringent, qualification process
  • Broader solutions for all stakeholders


A network security company was running against numerous competitors that sold the same commoditized products to US government agencies. Instead of competing on price, they became a leading value-based government service provider, cultivating long-term relationships by using the ValueSelling Framework®.
  • Services business tripled in growth
  • All time high Customer Net Promoter Scores
  • Company-driven products/solutions are more than 50% of total revenues, industry average is 25%


The doeLEGAL team sought to accelerate growth. By using the ValueSelling Framework® for more precision in value-based messaging, doeLEGAL began implementing higher-performing inbound campaigns to drive more leads and support the sales effort to win against the competition and unseat incumbents.
  • 3x increase in RFP wins
  • 300% increase in demo requests
  • 100% increase in website engagement via campaign email calls to action (CTAs)


To drive rapid growth, a leading provider of market intelligence solutions needed to increase close rates and better articulate its value proposition. Since adopting the ValueSelling Framework®, the company has quintupled its revenue. The organization successfully integrates newly hired and acquired sales executives and managers quickly with the ValueSelling methodology.
  • 33% increase in gross revenues
  • 22% increase in productivity
  • In 2016, the firm had its best half ever


Senior leadership went all-in with the ValueSelling Framework®, training 600 sales reps in 6 languages with 21 ValueSelling workshop facilitators as part of the annual sales kick-off. Sellers immediately applied the methodology to opportunities in the pipeline while marketing and product teams created sales enablement materials fully aligned with the ValueSelling process.
  • Sales team qualifying deals more effectively
  • Sales reps engaging in more meaningful conversations with decision makers
  • Bigger deals coming in faster


The young scientists and engineers of the Parallax team excelled at ideating novel solutions but fell short when it came to connecting the dots between the client’s critical mission issues and the broader business solutions Parallax offers. A value-based approach to managing conversations brought the teams together during the COVID-19 pandemic, facilitated greater customer engagement, and kept projects in the pipeline alive in an increasingly competitive market.
  • Sustainable funding increases
  • 4-fold increase in project pipeline through-put
  • Increased RFPs and won more recompetes