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White Papers
Successfully Installing a Sales Process

It’s the most common question we get asked, and there is no straightforward answer. Nevertheless, we believe that the foundation for an effective sales process begins with ensuring everyone knows what the process is and how they are supposed to do it. Therefore, the first step of installing a sales process is effective sales training.

Building a Sales Team for Maximum Performance

Focus on the top five skills required to build a sales team for maximum performance: Understanding our client’s business issues, knowing what value is to our clients, accessing the actual decision-maker, operating from a mutually agreed-upon plan, and implementing a simple, repeatable sales process.

Breaking the 80/20 Rule: Selling Across Product Lines

We have long accepted the Pareto Principle as a rule that governs business. We begrudgingly tolerate that our 20% (usually our hot product) sells, and we grumble to ourselves that our marketing department is to blame for 80% not going through the door. We condone the rule, when we should be breaking it.