Episode 309: The Evolution of RevOps and Its Next Frontier with Matthew Volm

GUEST: Matthew Volm, CEO and Co-Founder of RevOps Co-op

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The RevOps function has changed tremendously fast.

What was relevant yesterday doesn't work today anymore.

Well then, a logical question emerges:

Considering the evolution of RevOps over the past several years, where is the industry heading, and what are the lessons learned from building a global RevOps community?

To help us with this today, we have Matthew Volm, CEO and Co-Founder of RevOps Co-op. Passionate about RevOps, indoor plants, and CrossFit, Matthew is also an Advisor for Rattle, Locl.io, and SendSmart, as well as Founder and Managing Consultant at Acorn Strategies.

How Does RevOps Bring Together and Elevate Every Business Aspect?

RevOps is the vital element that seamlessly integrates and supports every stage of a company's revenue-generating processes, from marketing and sales to post-sales and customer support. It's all about ensuring the right people, processes, and technology are in place to efficiently drive and grow revenue.

By coordinating the efforts across different departments, RevOps helps to eliminate silos and smooth out transitions, such as the crucial handoff from marketing to sales, ensuring that leads and prospects are managed effectively. As the demand for the RevOps role grows, it becomes clear that having a dedicated team focused on optimizing revenue operations is essential for any business aiming for sustainable growth and success.

“RevOps is essentially the glue that holds the go-to-market function together. And, when I talk about go-to-market, marketing, sales, post-sales, customer successor, or customer support, you are the operations team or person supporting your revenue function. Typically, that means the people, the process, and the technology involved in generating revenue from start to finish”.

Matthew Volm, CEO and Co-Founder of RevOps Co-op

The Evolution of RevOps Technology

Matt highlights the significant evolution and integration within RevOps technology, underscoring the move towards platforms like HubSpot and SalesLoft that offer end-to-end solutions for marketing, sales, and customer success. He notes the trend of consolidating tech stacks to reduce costs and complexity, suggesting that companies now prefer universal tools over niche solutions.

For those starting in RevOps, Matt advises beginning with manual processes to understand the problem fully before automating with software. Additionally, he encourages exploring and challenging preconceived limitations of tools to discover their full potential, advocating for a practical approach to building an effective tech stack based on real needs and existing resources.

“We're always thinking that some piece of technology or software is the way to solve every single problem. The first thing I would tell anyone coming into a new role, or even coming across a new problem, or taking a close look at a new problem for the first time, is to figure out how you can manually solve that problem with people and spreadsheets first and then after you're able to figure out what that solution looks like”.

Matthew Volm, CEO and Co-Founder of RevOps Co-op

Streamline Your Tech Stack and Embrace the RevOps Role

Streamlining your tech stack and processes across your organization goes down to reassessing technology usage and removing underused tools that cause confusion. Matt also shares the evolving role of RevOps in bridging marketing, sales, and customer service, which helps to retain and expand customer relationships and leverages insights from successful strategies in new business for customer success.

Another key component to consider is the concept of revenue enablement within RevOps, ensuring teams are well-trained and processes are consistent. This holistic view replaces siloed operations with integrated strategies, enhancing overall effectiveness.

“Previously, a lot of the focus of RevOps has been on the marketing-to-sales connection. But now, with so much of the focus being on current customers' revenue retention and expansion revenue, people are actually starting to look at, Oh, what are we doing to retain our customers? And what are we doing to expand our relationships and the revenue we're generating with them?”

Matthew Volm, CEO and Co-Founder of RevOps Co-op

How Community Power Fuels RevOps Success

The success of the RevOps Co-op community derives from being at the right place at the right time. With no formal training available for RevOps, professionals found themselves learning on the job, often in isolation. It was a unique scenario that created the perfect opportunity for a community where members could share experiences, seek advice, and connect locally.

With over 11,000 members, RevOps Co-op thrives on producing relevant content and fostering connections among its members. At the same time, Matt shares the importance of listening to the community's needs, regularly seeking feedback, and adapting based on that feedback to continue its growth and success.

“If you think about the RevOps role and function, it was a setup for having a successful community from the very beginning because no one goes to school and gets a degree in revenue operations. So there's no formal training that you go through. You're essentially learning on the job”.

Matthew Volm, CEO and Co-Founder of RevOps Co-op

Now that you have all it takes to succeed in your RevOps role, discover the full list of episodes at The B2B Revenue Executive Experience. If you enjoy the show, instructions to rate and review it are found here.

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