ValueSelling Associates Helps Sales Reps Sell Higher with Executive Speak™ Learning Program

Award-winning Sales Training Firm Helps Sales Organizations Improve Win Rates and Increase Revenue

The highest performing reps have more meetings, which results in more opportunities. But first, a sales rep must gain access to and prepare for business conversations with executives. To address this critical need, ValueSelling Associates, Inc. created Executive Speak™, a blended learning program, which gives a basic primer on business and financial acumen, guidance on how to quickly sift through and find relevant information about buyers and their organizations, and a tool to turn that data into insight.

Building off the globally proven ValueSelling Framework® sales methodology, the Executive Speak™ program includes an interactive eLearning module that employs the most current adult-learning concepts; an instructor-led workshop with proven tactics to gain access to decision makers; and a prospect profile building tool that automatically populates a ValuePrompter®, which guides sales reps through a conversational questioning process.

“Landing an important sales meeting with an executive who holds the power and authority to make the purchase is not about luck. It’s about knowing how to turn information into insight. It’s about developing credible communications campaigns to gain access. And it’s about engaging executives through business conversations," said Julie Thomas, President and CEO of ValueSelling Associates. “Our Executive Speak™ program develops business acumen, giving sales reps the confidence and competence to sell higher, create more opportunities, and generate more revenue for leading sales organizations."

ValueSelling Associates offers customers a conversational, question-based sales methodology that is simple, logical and scalable, empowering sales organizations around the globe with a proven formula to qualify prospects, accurately forecast and close more deals.

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ValueSelling Associates is the creator of the ValueSelling Framework®, a proven formula for accelerating sales results. Its customized training on the ValueSelling Framework methodology, reinforcement tools and consulting services, make complex B2B sales simple so sales organizations around the globe adopt it immediately and consistently. Since 1991, thousands of sales and customer-facing professionals use the ValueSelling Framework to grow revenue, increase productivity and improve win rates. Visit:

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