President & CEO
Julie Thomas
"Most people think ‘selling’ is the same as ‘talking’. But the most effective salespeople know that listening is the most important part of their job." – Roy Bartell

Julie Thomas works with revenue leaders across many industries to help them realize results they never thought possible. She is passionate about guiding revenue organizations through uncertainty and helping them build resilient, engaged teams that drive predictable, sustainable results and create customers for life.

As President and CEO of ValueSelling Associates, Inc., Julie is responsible for the company’s global expansion and its position as a market leader in on-demand, instructor-led, virtual instructor-led and hybrid (blended) learning solutions delivered throughout the world in more than 17 languages. In a career spanning more than 24 years, she credits her mastery of the ValueSelling Framework® for her own meteoric rise through the ranks of sales, sales management and corporate leadership positions.

Julie began her sales career at Gartner Group (now Gartner, Inc.) In 1999, she became Vice President of Gartner’s Sales Training for the Americas. Her role included successfully onboarding new sales hires and driving adoption of the ValueSelling Framework. She has extensive experience applying, coaching and reinforcing the ValueSelling Framework, ValueSelling Essentials® and their application to all customer-facing roles across the revenue engine.

In 2003, Julie joined ValueSelling Associates as Chief Executive Officer and President. She led the company to become an industry leader in competency- and process-based training for escalating sales performance in business-to-business sales organizations worldwide. She takes pride in the fact that ValueSelling Associates is consistently honored as an award-winning Sales Training Service Provider.

In addition to her role at ValueSelling Associates, Julie is a noted speaker, consultant and author of “ValueSelling: Driving Sales Up One Conversation at a Time” and “The Power of Value Selling: The Gold Standard to Drive Revenue and Create Customers for Life,” as well as a contributor to, the Forbes Business Development Council and the LinkedIn Sales Blog. Julie also serves on the advisory board of the eWomenNetwork Foundation Advisory Council and is heavily involved in local charities in the San Diego region."

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“Your ValueSelling training has impacted my life in so many ways and I am so grateful for the amazing foundation it gave me as a sales, and now marketing, professional. Just thought you should know what a positive impact you have made. Thank you!”

Carrie Boyer,
Director of Product Marketing, Zignal Labs

“You taught a class in New York on ValueSelling a couple of years ago. I firmly believe what I learned in your class not only allowed me to be successful in my role but helped me get a great, new job. I just wanted to say thanks, and let you know what a difference ValueSelling made for me.”

Brian Hodges,
Strategic Accounts, IT Research & Advisory Firm

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