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Sales Transformation

How can you get your people to change? Our sales transformation consultants can help.

Sales Process Optimization

Prepare and Align

Develop tailored program aligned with sales leadership


Operationalize the sales training program

Transfer Ownership & Measure

Change management for success to sales management

It takes more than a simple training program to change employee habits and behaviors. At ValueSelling Associates, we understand that to create change, you must also consider:

  • Communication strategy
  • Employee alignment with management process
  • Employee concordance with executive objectives
  • Agreement on compensations, measurement systems, rewards and recognition

Our approach to change is holistic. We begin with the desired end-result, and reverse-engineer the steps required to arrive there. Our methods allow us to identify any roadblocks and enablers, and proactively address all issues before they become problems.

The ValueSelling Framework® is more than a training program. It is a change management initiative that spans the entire enterprise. Our system stretches from sales to sales enablement, sales operations, marketing and customer service. This comprehensive system creates a satisfying and mutually rewarding sales experience for you and your client, from start to finish.