ValueSelling Associates Welcomes Former Miller Heiman Sales Consultant Nalliby Haddad Cela

ValueSelling Associates Grows Its Presence in México

RANCHO SANTA FE, CA. February 1, 2020 ValueSelling Associates, Inc., announces its partnership with Nalliby Haddad Cela to extend the reach of ValueSelling’s customized sales training and sales coaching offerings in México.


For more than 25 years, Nalliby has helped sales leaders and their teams improve key performance indicators by increasing sales productivity, working as a team, and building credibility with prospects. Her broad range of national and international clients are in the pharmaceutical, financial, healthcare and manufacturing industries, and include Siemens, Carrier, PPG, BD, GE, Dicipa, Lapisa, Airbus and Saint Gobain.

Prior to joining ValueSelling Associates, Nalliby held successful sales leader positions with Xerox, Learning International, Zenger Miller, AchieveGlobal, Cende and Omega Performance. She was a consultant, trainer, and commercial director at FBC/Miller Heiman in México. She also co-founded Convirtiendo el Desempeño en Resultados (CDR), which started as a consulting company representing Omega Performance Brand in México and now has a line of fingerprint sensors to control staff access.

Based in México City, México, Nalliby is fluent in English and Spanish. She earned a Master’s degree in Marketing from ITESM and a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from UNITEC, and numerous certifications as a Master trainer in sales, service and leadership solutions.

“I’m excited that Nalliby has partnered with us as a ValueSelling Associate and will continue to expand on her accomplishments with her client base in México," said President and CEO of ValueSelling Associates, Julie Thomas. “Nalliby’s ability to motivate salespeople by sharing her passion for learning, growing, and developing on a personal and professional level without limits in unparalleled."

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