Work the System Method with Josh Fonger

Life seems so complicated and chaotic. It feels like there is never time for anything, especially when it comes to business.

Yet the untapped potential is always there, and it demands attention. It craves success and wants you to succeed.

Imagine if there was a way to hack the system.

Well, guess what? There is!

Think of your business as a collection of systems. If you can hack each of them and organize them in an efficient algorithm, your numbers will skyrocket.

So what is that method, and how does it work exactly?

Josh Fonger, the CEO of WTS Enterprises, joins us today to uncover everything from the benefits to steps on how to apply that method to help you and your business simplify, systematize, and generate growth.

What is the Work The System method?

Sam Carpenter developed the “Work The System” method to help business owners understand that their lives work as a collection of individual systems which can be improved to achieve better results.

It’s a working philosophy that encourages you to look at the world differently and see the separateness of the systems that build it. If you want to control the results in your life, you must control its systems.

“Things in this world seem very complex, but, when you break them down into separate components, it can be much simpler. And if you get focused on what your core goals are in your life, then you can get much more focused on the systems.“

Josh Fonger, CEO of WTS Enterprises

The three pillars of a successful system

The “Work The System” method focuses on measuring the performance of each department, individual, and organization based on three elements: stress, time, and income.

So there are three questions you should answer before applying the technique:

  • On a scale from one to 10, what is your stress level?
  • How many hours are you working?
  • What is your income?

It’s a marathon, not a sprint

One of the opportunities on the virtual side of things is that with in-person events, you have to hit a certain critical mass for it to be worthwhile. With virtual, you don’t have as many fixed costs per event.

If you think about your annual event program and keep people engaged throughout the year, not only are you increasing those touch points, but when you have that flagship in-person event, you’ve already nurtured your audience and built a community around that.

“Most of the systems you build will not change your world, but the accumulation of them over time will make you more resilient and scalable and will set you apart from your competition.“

Josh Fonger, CEO of WTS Enterprises

Now that you know the importance of events for your marketing game… learn how to apply other tactics and tools for a disruptive B2B marketing strategy. Check out the full list of episodes here: The B2B Revenue Executive Experience, and instructions on how to rate and review the show are here.


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