Will Your SEO Survive Google’s New Page Experience Rules?

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Your SEO strategy has been paying off. You’ve won some key rankings and, more importantly, they’re generating qualified traffic as well as hot leads.

But then Google, the internet’s autocrat, decides to implement changes to its algorithm — and they require technical expertise on your end. You need advanced SEO capabilities to meet the challenge, or you’re doomed to share the fate of Ask Jeeves and MySpace.

If you weren’t already aware, this isn’t merely hypothetical — Google is changing its algorithm to punish slower pages in its rankings. What does this mean for your marketing strategy?

Today’s guest, technical SEO wizard Geoff Atkinson, Founder and CEO of Huckabuy, has the answers you seek. In this episode, we’ll discuss:

  • The changes Google is implementing and what they mean
  • The importance of page speed for Google’s new changes and as a KPI for your business

A Park City legend

Geoff’s not only an SEO genius, he’s a leading light in the Utah tech community. Once a champion of the US Ski Team, he’s now an ardent golfer and dad — and his incredibly innovative startup is driving organic online growth for companies all over the world.

“If you look at almost any successful company in the United States, there’s probably an SEO strategy that’s the backbone of their growth.”

Geoff Atkinson, Founder and CEO of Huckabuy

A new algorithm

Google rolled out a massive page experience update a few months ago. The biggest repercussion was that slow-as-molasses websites — and those not optimized for mobile — will no longer be tolerated.

???? Your page speed plays an immense role in determining your ranking, and therefore, your entire digital revenue potential.

???? It’s also one of the most valuable KPIs, affecting conversion rate, transactions and more.

???? Increasing the top of your funnel means nothing if your page speed can’t handle it.

It’s time to call in the geeks for this one. Your SEO team’s most inspired work won’t go anywhere without the stack to back it up.

“The really good CMOs and VPs of marketing have been great at technical SEO from the beginning.”

Geoff Atkinson, Founder and CEO of Huckabuy

Embracing change

“Very successful marketing orgs are typically very good at SEO,” according to Geoff, but it’s constantly evolving. Google rolling out new requirements is just the tip of the iceberg.

Think about your website the same way you’d think about your body. You check your vital signs regularly, why not do the same for your online presence? Here are 3 crucial rates to monitor:

  • Page loading speed
  • Input delay
  • Cumulative layout shift

“Google runs the internet,” Geoff points out. “If you’re well-aligned with them, you’re going to be in good shape.”

Now that you know how Google’s new rules impact your SEO, are you ready to learn the secrets to establishing credibility and crack the code to effective outbound marketing? Check out the full list of episodes: The B2B Revenue Executive Experience.

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