Webinars Are Not Dead!


They’ve been around a long time, but are they still relevant?

At times, they can get the reputation of being too time consuming and not providing the return that they once did.

But, that doesn’t have to be if you know how to harness their superpowers.

In fact, we sat down to chat with Todd Earwood, CEO of MoneyPath, on what their team is doing to not only make their webinars successful, but how they can extend way beyond the time that they are taking place.

“Webinars are such an underrated campaign asset. In fact, they are fascinating and really can be used in many different ways,” said Todd.

“Webinars are such an underrated campaign asset. In fact, they are fascinating and really can be used in many different ways.”



From segmentation to niche topics to webinar titles, there’s so much to uncover about how webinars can not only be useful for marketing, but provide real data for sales teams as well.

“Webinars are something that marketers can use that is quantitative. They reduce the creation time barrier for marketing and help sales at the same time.”



But first, you have to get people in the door.

And how do you do that?

Pick a niche topic.

As Todd explained, over the years they’ve tracked a million different data points when it comes to leads. The number two topic that marketers are sending to leads that they’ve never sent anything to before is webinars.

“But most people make them general,” he explained.

Like most good ideas, this observation took Todd down a rabbit hole.

He expanded on that by saying, “You can marry great sales segmentations through webinars if you do it right. And not only that, but you can also get good content with the mp4 of the conversation later on.”

Basically, that webinar can have a life long after it ends.

It’s Not Just About the Replays

Most people realize that webinars are useful when they are turned into replays. And, of course, that is the case. But if you dig past face value, there’s much more.

Those replays can be further broken down into transcripts, blog posts and video clips.

“Now we can arm those sales reps with a piece of content that will get them over the edge,” mentioned Todd.

“Now we can arm those sales reps with a piece of content that will get them over the edge.”



And sometimes that 1:30 video clip is just what the customer needs.

We all know that most content is consumed via video.

So why wouldn’t you provide your customer the video that you have over a boring white paper?

Todd chimed in, “We’ve found that people would rather listen to a topic rather than download an ebook.

Can You Really Get Segmentation from a Webinar?

Segmentation is everything and can tell you so much about your potential leads. But when it comes to webinars, that’s not the first thing that many of us think of.

Todd and his team have mastered this with a very simple, yet effective tactic.

Poll them.

“We actually poll them twice. Once at the beginning just to get things started and at the end. The end one is vital and where we obtain our data,” he said.

By asking two questions they can effectively segment their leads. They are:

  1. Of these top points which one resonates the most with you? With that you can measure how long the leads have paid attention and then tag them for specific points.
  1. Now that you have this info, what is your next step? If they are really excited, then you know it’s a hot lead. If they say they need to do more research, then it’s not.

This information is collected and then given to the sales teams so they know exactly what the customer is feeling when they reach out.

Todd eagerly said, “Segmentation in content and engagement is everything. I want high content and highly-engaged leads.”

So how will you utilize webinars in your business strategy?

Click our audio file above to hear our entire conversation with Todd!

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