The Secrets to Post-Pandemic Selling

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For almost two years, you’ve heard everything under the sun described as the “new normal.”

Everything from unconvincing Zoom backgrounds to stockpiling so much toilet paper that Charmin sends the mean bears they don’t show in the commercials to your house.

The new normal is that the world has completely changed. Why is your sales team so eager to get back to their old normal?

Today, we’re speaking with Cherilynn Castleman — Managing Partner at CGI Executive Coaching and author of “What’s in the CARDS?” — to find out how to navigate the complexities of a sales world that has been forever changed by the pandemic.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The ins and outs of post-pandemic selling
  • The keys to executive selling
  • Social styles and how you can incorporate them into your sales

Ready to come out the other side with a successful strategy? Let’s dive in.

“Women can learn how to sell; we can build generational wealth; we can take care of our family and our kids; we can be entrepreneurs; we can get into the C suite; we can become too good to be ignored.”

Cherilynn Castleman, Managing Partner at CGI Executive Coaching and author of “What’s in the CARDS?

A Relationship Sales Expert

Originally from Colorado (and with an MBA from Colorado State), Cherilynn is a cycling and kayaking enthusiast — and like so many successful executives, she has a morning routine: stretch, hydrate and write.

As Covid spread across the country, Cherilynn found herself writing more and more about the unique situation sales leaders were in, helping clients and others make the strategy leaps that would keep them competitive. These insights quickly coalesced into her first book: “What’s in the CARDS?”

As a relationship sales expert, “What’s in the CARDS?” covers the five core competencies for leveraging your life experiences into massive revenue growth.

Financial fluency

Success in sales is about getting to the juice (money + product). Taking an executive sales approach enables you to sell into the C-suite, but first, you’ll need to change your mindset. After all, most executives are focused on five things: increasing revenue, reducing expenses, improving ROI and building assets.

Unfortunately, a lot of sales pros don’t understand how business works.

Cherilynn has a three-pronged method for helping salespeople change that and gain financial fluency:

  • Embrace the fact that it all comes down to money.
  • Immerse yourself in your customer’s world with qualitative and quantitative research. For instance, why would you read an 80-page DEF 14A proxy statement? Because that last page contains executive compensation and details on what they’re bonused on this year, enabling you to build a powerful business case that aligns!
  • Utilize freely available tools like Valueline and read the prospect company’s 10-K and 10-Q to find what POPs: the pain, problems and opportunities.

The pandemic completely changed the way your customers live — it’s time to adapt your sales mindset to reach alignment with your buyers.

“When you get out of your way, and you have a growth mindset, you move very quickly towards your goals.”

Cherilynn Castleman, Managing Partner at CGI Executive Coaching and author of “What’s in the CARDS?

Elevate your game

Post-pandemic selling does not mean that the pandemic is over — it means that we are still in this pandemic, and everything you knew about your clients in 2019 and early 2020 has changed.

How do you adapt?

Connect empathetically with clients and prospects. Cherilynn stresses the importance of quieting your mind to listen with empathy, and this builds the relationship and allows you to “solution” with clients rather than sell to them.

Ultimately, change brings the opportunity for growth. It’s time to take the risk, build that relationship, elevate your game and get financially fluent.

Now that you know the secrets to post-pandemic selling, are you ready to learn more about the B2B buyers’ journey, or how to use data to prevent revenue leaks in your business? Check out the full list of episodes: The B2B Revenue Executive Experience.

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