The Secrets to Effective Hybrid Events

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You’re in college in the mid-80s, and you have a choice:

Study for that final exam in electronics you need an A in to get your custom-pager business off the ground.

Or join all your friends piling into that old VW van that runs on Doritos and paternal disappointment and head to the Winger concert.

You make the responsible career choice, but the next day, you see the blurry Polaroids of your friends partying backstage. Well, you’ve never felt such FOMO. ????

What if we could hold events where nobody feels left out?

According to today’s guest, Julius Solaris, VP of Marketing Strategy, Events at Hopin, we can — and it all comes down to hybrid events.

Join us as we discuss:

  • How COVID has changed events permanently
  • The value that hybrid events can deliver your organization
  • How to get started with hybrid events

Ready to hone your incredibly inclusive hybrid event strategy? Let’s dive in!

“The economies of scale that you can get with virtual events are incredible..”

Julius Solaris, VP of Marketing Strategy, Events at Hopin

An Events Expert

Originally from Italy and educated in Europe and Australia, Julius needs his espresso. Latte art is life.

It gave him something to work on during the darkest days of the pandemic when live events were out of the question.

Julius has been immersed in the event world for over a decade, first serving as a coordinator for the University of Queensland’s prestigious three-day IT conference.

An expert on event tech, he’s a high-energy pro… those beautiful lattes really keep him going.

“The feeling of exclusion is something that hybrid events immediately give an answer to.”

Julius Solaris, VP of Marketing Strategy, Events at Hopin

Burnt Out on Virtual Meetings

It’s true. (Even those of us who love their Zoom meetings.) We’re all a little over it.

Virtual events still have plenty of power, however, says Julius.

When planning a virtual event, it’s crucial to keep this overexposure on your mind. What does he recommend for those situations where a virtual event is inevitable?

  • Invest in incredible hosts and moderators.
  • Make it fun.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  • Keep it fast-paced.

Nobody likes boring online events that seem to go on forever. Building something lively and engaging is the key. Hybrid events can take your engagement to the next level because there’s something for everyone.

“Events can be boring, whether they’re virtual or in person. It’s just a matter of designing them right.”

Julius Solaris, VP of Marketing Strategy, Events at Hopin

Overcoming Virtual Event Apathy

You have to use the right tools. Glitchy tech is a turn-off.

It’s all about making the best of people’s time. Everyone wants a frictionless experience, and absolutely nobody wants to wait in line, virtually or in person.

An event must have a purpose: an announcement, a surprise, something novel, something exciting.

Memorable events take time to plan, whether they’re live, virtual or a hybrid of the two. It’s a time investment that’s eminently worth it.

There’s a shift in marketing communities and brands towards creating a community. People want to feel like they belong. Events have the potential to be quite intimate, much more so than social media.

Adopting a hybrid event mindset might be challenging, but it’s going to play a key role in the future for making business vastly more accessible.

Now that you know the secrets to hone your hybrid-event strategy, are you ready to learn more about post-pandemic selling or the fascinating B2B buyers’ journey? Check out the full list of episodes: The B2B Revenue Executive Experience.

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