Sales Enablement: The Unsung Hero of Your Revenue Performance with Stephanie Benavidez

When it comes to sales enablement, many sales leaders expect immediate and exceptional results. However, this is not a realistic expectation.

Effective sales enablement requires consistency, patience, and time. By improving just 1% each day, we can see a significant impact over time.

But the question remains…

How do sales ops and sales enablement drive performance and skill proficiency?

To help us with this topic, we’re talking to Stephanie Benavidez, a Sales Enablement Thought Leader and former Head of Sales Enablement at Loadsmart.

How Does Sales Enablement Help Improve Organizational Performance, Metrics, and Results?

Stephanie compares sales enablement with the steady drumbeat that underlies a song. It brings consistency and continuous improvement to an organization’s sales efforts. Moreover, it makes small tweaks, such as refining pitches, trying new approaches, and conducting AB tests, which can lead to significant results over time. While not immediately showy, sales enablement provides a strong foundation for ongoing success.

“I think of sales enablement as that baseline or the drum beat that’s consistently underneath a song that if you took it away, you’d be like, oh, that sounds really different”.

Stephanie Benavidez, a Sales Enablement Thought Leader

Prioritize practical solutions for sales success

Sales enablement professionals often work behind the scenes in silos without getting buy-in from their sales leadership. However, the end customers are the sales reps and leadership, so any initiatives or tools must work for them. Simply dreaming up solutions without considering practicality won’t work.
When implementing scorecards, templates, or inspections for Salesforce pipeline hygiene, ensure they genuinely serve the people doing the work. Don’t assume they’re helpful without evidence. Tailor solutions to keep sales reps organized and focused on key initiatives.

“Most sales enablement professionals tend to do things behind the scenes in silos without getting the buy-in from their sales leadership. But who is your customer? Sales reps, your sales leadership, because at the end of the day, it has to work for them”.

Stephanie Benavidez, a Sales Enablement Thought Leader

Combating sales burnout

In today’s fast-paced business world, mentorship programs are vital tools to combat sales burnout and enhance overall well-being. Instead of solely focusing on increasing sales, companies should see these programs as built-in support systems that offer a safe space for employees to find clarity and guidance.
Sales professionals often chase the thrill of success, but sustained pressure isn’t healthy. It’s crucial to prioritize rest and recharge to avoid long-term physical and mental health consequences. As a result, promoting self-care and recognizing the impact of burnout, companies can help sales teams thrive professionally and personally.

“You can’t always be a sales machine. You can’t be expected to be on 24/7. You do need to take the time to rest and recharge”.

Stephanie Benavidez, a Sales Enablement Thought Leader

Attracting the right talent

Attracting high EQ employees hinges on understanding what motivates people. Behavioral questions in interviews reveal their resilience and work ethic, but digging deeper into underlying qualities like EQ, IQ, and work ethic is crucial for success. Create a clear success profile to find the right candidates who fit your culture and possess the necessary skills. Also, streamline the process with thoughtful questions to identify top talent.

“Having some sort of a success profile is absolutely necessary so that you can find the best talent and weed through all the candidates. There’s a lot of talent out there today. I think that that’s the hard thing right now with this market”.

Stephanie Benavidez, a Sales Enablement Thought Leader

Now that you’ve learned how sales enablement drives your sales performance and business growth…learn how to apply other tactics and tools for a disruptive B2B marketing and sales strategy. Check out the full list of episodes here: The B2B Revenue Executive Experience, and instructions on how to rate and review the show are here.

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