RevOps: The Key to Predictable Revenue and Seamless Buying Experience with Sebastien van Heyningen

RevOps isn’t just about increasing revenue. It’s also about creating a seamless buying experience for your customers.

It achieves that by optimizing your sales and marketing processes, aligning your teams, and leveraging data-driven insights.

In theory, everything sounds easy. But what about real life?

How can RevOps deliver more predictable revenue growth and a smooth buyer journey?

To help us with this topic today, we have Sebastien van Heyningen, President of Central Metric.

Why is a recession-proof strategy essentially just a rev-op strategy?

Every recession-proof strategy starts with lowering and controlling costs. It also involves increasing sales efficiency through automation, investing in cross-functionality, and combining budgets for marketing and sales success. Overall, a recession-proof strategy requires a holistic approach that addresses both cost reduction and revenue optimization. By focusing on these areas, businesses can increase their resilience and sustain their success, even during challenging economic times.

“The thing about growth and scale sometimes is, it’s hard to have one without measurement and making sure we’re doing it right.”

Sebastien van Heyningen, President of Central Metric

Better inputs, better forecasting

Having more accurate and predictable forecasting starts by improving your inputs, such as LTV, customer acquisition costs, and conversion rates. You also have to ensure accurate data is being entered into the systems to make better decisions, to enable people to put in their inputs to achieve desired outcomes, and to look into automation solutions such as automatically gathering data from call recordings or having an admin fill in fields instead of relying on manual processes.

“With any system where you need to improve an outcome, you need to improve the inputs.”

Sebastien van Heyningen, President of Central Metric

When enough is enough in a tech stack

Getting too much tech might give RevOps more problems than solutions. Know that enough is enough when you have more than one system doing the same thing or nobody knows what it does. The purpose of technology is to enable more efficient and higher volume selling. If it doesn’t, it’s time to cut it off. Also, map out the buyer’s journey to understand what goals buyers and sellers have at each stage, what information is needed, what content is involved, and what technology should be used.

Mapping out the buyer’s journey

The buyer’s journey encompasses every step, touchpoint, conversation, and piece of content that leads a person from not even realizing they have a problem to becoming a repeat customer and referral source for a business. While not all aspects of the journey may be trackable, each one is critical to solving the problem and making the purchase. From an operations perspective, it’s important to map out the buyer’s journey in a clear and organized way. By using tools like Excel, businesses can identify the goals of both buyers and sellers at each stage, determine what information and content is necessary, and select the appropriate technology to support the journey.

“In some organizations, due to a lack of discipline on the function of sales, people are trying to rely on a tool to fix everything for them when the reality is, ‘Hey, we gotta get down to some basics about daily blocking and tackling and what’s the role of this individual and what are they really paid to do every day?’”

Sebastien van Heyningen, President of Central Metric

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