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Your brand is what people say when you walk out of a room. How do you control the conversation when you’re not there to hear it?

Today’s guests, Chris Smith, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), and Matt Richards, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Aqua Security, talk about the strategic ecosystem of sales and marketing and how they work together to win.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Why alignment is crucial
  • What should and shouldn’t be measured for ROI
  • Why empathy over ego is the key to success

Ready for a behind-the-scenes sneak peek into Aqua’s rapidly scaling world? Let’s dive in!

“Show me big movement, show me something that hasn’t yet been solved. The big movement is the digital transformation, which is a $7 trillion transformation happening.”

Chris Smith, CRO at Aqua Security

Cutting edge tech in a massively high-growth space

Matt, Chris, and their respective teams work in orchestrated alignment to deploy laser-focused, personalized brand content.

There’s no “spray and pray” with generic, one-size-fits-all communications — as Matt points out, “it’s better to go to fewer people with more impactful messaging.”

Chris keeps a careful eye on their market, constantly analyzing buyer intent metrics and conversions to ensure they’re positioning the right messaging throughout the customer lifecycle.

“The user may be happy. But if the buyer, the higher power, isn’t happy, you might not get your renewal. So what’s the point? How do you measure that?”

Matt Richards, CRO at Aqua Security

Critical health elements

Without an organization-wide framework in place, every rep is on their own, blindly groping in the dark to hit their targets — and left to fend for themselves if they don’t. Finding the right methodology for your organization makes it so that everyone is working together for the company’s sake, not just themselves.

The proper sales methodology means that before you ever need to send the flailing rep adrift into the cold unknown, you can instead pinpoint what’s wrong with their approach and fix it. Rather than finding varying success with as many approaches as you have reps, you have one battle-tested way to win, which can entirely transform your culture if adopted by all, reinforced by the whole organization and inspected by leadership.

“Number one, you need to have a sense of empathy, regardless of where you are in the go-to-market cycle.”

Matt Richards, CRO at Aqua Security

The brand conversation

What’s the secret behind brand messaging that hits the bullseye every time?

“If we can articulate why we exist, that’s the backbone of everything we do,” Matt states, and “we can do some pretty awesome marketing around that.”

You won’t see the revenue growth you crave without a deep understanding of your reason for being and the state of your market.

They share a deep sense of trust and a willingness to check their egos at the door. It’s also crucial to keep your sense of humor handy, especially in such a pressure cooker.

Matt’s most important guidance for reaching this level of sales and marketing alignment is to have a strong sense of empathy — “it’s not about whether you win, it’s about whether or not the customer wins, and then the company wins.” =

Chris and Matt joke that they’re “partners in crime.” Still, working together, they blend creativity, energy, and essential knowledge into a powerful super fuel sending Aqua’s growth to the stratosphere.

Now that you know how to conduct killer marketing tests, are you ready to learn how to hone your business’s competitive edge or use data to prevent revenue leaks in your business? Check out the full list of episodes: The B2B Revenue Executive Experience.

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