Level Up Your Sales Enablement Strategy with Sales Enablement 3.0

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Most people understand sales training, but what about enablement? That’s just what you use for when something is broken on your sales team, right?

Wrong. The fact is, sales enablement is essential to every organization — and it’s time we structured our companies to reflect that. It’s time we moved onto sales enablement 3.0.

My guest today not only coined the term “sales enablement,” he’s now pioneering its revolution to 3.0. Roderick Jefferson, Vice President of Field Enablement for NETSKOPE and author of the new Amazon bestseller “Sales Enablement 3.0” joins me to discuss the secrets to sales enablement success.

Understanding sales enablement

Rather than fix broken sales elements, sales enablement is all about breaking down the complexity of sales into digestible practices that can be repeated in order to embolden sellers — leading to an increase in revenue.

The strategy is preemptive rather than the reactionary approach many believe it to be. So, how does 3.0 take it to the next level? Individualization.

Every company is unique in their sales journey: A fresh company will have different needs than the established company with loyal customers. Tailoring the digestible practices of sales enablement to the needs of each business further incentivizes revenue and seller confidence.

“It’s really more of an innovative approach focused on increasing sales productivity through a systematic, personalized and collaborative approach designed to support the buyer.“

Roderick Jefferson, Vice President of Field Enablement, NETSKOPE

Putting sales enablement to work

You’re sold on sales enablement. Great! But now comes the big question: With so many sales enablement organizations offering different solutions, how do you choose?

Sales enablement must act as the hub that keeps all lines of business in harmony.

Rodrick compares sales enablement’s role in a business to that of an out-of-tune orchestra looking for a conductor.

Whether you choose an organization that focuses on being a one-stop shop or one that collaborates with external experts, your choice depends on what creates the most harmony for your business.

“Sales Enablement 3.0 is both an art and a science. There are no magic bullets that guarantee success — but there are winning formulas.“

Roderick Jefferson, Vice President of Field Enablement, NETSKOPE

If you’re not expanding, you’re contracting

Sales enablement is not a band-aid for your business; it’s a multivitamin. While there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to sales enablement, functioning without it is a mistake.

If sellers don’t receive continual training, they could stagnate; if your lines of business continue to work out-of-sync, they’re only a few steps away from costly mistakes. A siloed organization will fail against those who took the steps to elevate their sales game.

Now that you understand why sales enablement 3.0 matters, are you ready to finally figure out how to bring up challenges at work or learn to transform your sales org with data and technology? Check out the full list of episodes: The B2B Revenue Executive Experience.

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