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You have what seems like a really mundane decision to make: you’re in charge of upgrading outdated software for your organization and, for some reason, figuring out what to purchase has you jitterier than Big Bird at a Cats showing.

Whatever you get, it has to be the best.

In a blind panic, you sign up for every free trial known to man. Luckily, you find a pristine masterpiece of software that is sure to solve every conceivable problem in the multiverse. It worked out for one simple reason: it’s because, sometimes, quantity is the fastest path to quality.

And that’s especially true for content marketing.

That’s one of the many insights that today’s guest, content-marketing wizard James Scherer, has picked up throughout his career to VP of Growth at Codeless — insights he brings into the show to help us demystify content marketing.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The “pillar and post” content methodology
  • AI in content marketing
  • Content analytics
  • Quality vs. quantity
  • Building a solid marketing function in the real world

“I graduated with an English degree into a world that was like, ‘we have no job for you.’ And so I fell into marketing.“

James Scherer, VP of Growth at Codeless


A skilled Dungeons & Dragons player and resident of Cardiff, the history-drenched capital of Wales, James is intimately acquainted with the allure of a good story.

While not every kid with an English degree is a talented writer and editorialist, James is quite gifted and put in his time as a content creator and freelancer, eventually moving into a managerial role.

Even as VP of Growth, he’s still organically involved with building an infallible content strategy for clients ranging from the tenderest startups to acclaimed organizations.

“The first metric you want to check out is ranking position for your content.“

James Scherer, VP of Growth at Codeless

Pillar and post

The first thing James does with a new client is to review their current site and ask a crucial question — “What are the things your brand wants to be known for?”

This is the content that needs to be created. The three to five most distinctive topics are your pillars.

“Pillars are high competition, high difficulty, high-volume search terms,” warns James. The secret to success flourishes within your support posts on more details and specifics within those pillars.

Strong, relevant writing in these foundational subcategories builds rankings with a steady and relentless rise.

“The most important thing you can do in content marketing is to go back in and optimize existing content.”

James Scherer, VP of Growth at Codeless

The future of content

Writers, typically a nervous lot at the best of times, pester James with questions about what the future holds.

Everyone is afraid AI will take their jobs.

Well, “it’s already a bit of a thing,” he admits. For certain content that doesn’t require a lot of nuance, it’s fine.

For writing that needs interpretation, analysis, and thought leadership, machines are not ready to replace the human content creator.

The smartest content marketing strategy right now is real people creating both quality and quantity work with the help of AI and other tools — and leveraging the insights from this new tech to improve consistently.

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