How to Avoid a One Night Stand with your Customers with Sangram Vajre

Account-Based Marketing (ABM).

By now, we’ve all heard of it.

But really, how do you successfully execute it?

One element of ABM that makes it successful is the human experience. This human-to-human (or H2H) interaction is key, but some are still not seeing the bigger picture.

“I feel H2H is not just a selling process, it’s actually an account experience of your brand that a customer experiences,” said Sangram Vajre.

He’s a big deal because he is the founder of ABM.

Both customers and soon-to-be customers expect personalization. In 2018, this is just a given. But how do you go above and beyond to really stand out in front of all the noise?

“The personalization element is now just a given. Customers expect that.”



First, when deploying ABM, you have to treat it as a strategy, not just a tactic. It’s important to know that this is not just a “one and done” deal. It’s the fabric of who you are and everything that you do.

So why is H2H so important in ABM?

Human-to-human interaction is simple. Think of it this way:

Everyone is selling services and claims that they can solve all of their customers problems.

But when there are issues, who’s going to have the customers back?

Those that are utilizing H2H.

It’s about customizing the service just for them. At the end of the day, it’s about who does your customer trust more?

“H2H is about who do your customers trust more.”



If you get to know them, then they will feel comfortable coming to you.

As Sangram shared, “it’s about making the experience count.”

Just how is human-to-human interaction really working?

Sangram relayed how one customer is closing deals faster.

“I have one customer that is doing a 1:1 campaign and then doing a 1:1 retargeting. They are doing thousands of these types of campaigns…for each customer. They know that each and every one is unique.”

He went on to say, “unlike so many companies out there, they are not trying to push the same message to everyone.”

And the result is that they are closing deals faster because of it.

If you do it right, customers will sense it. They begin to know that they can come to you because you are the expert. This begins the foundation of trust.

“You can’t have a one night stand with your customers, otherwise they won’t be customers,” Sangram told us.

Taking the time to get to know them, and them you, is in a sense, like dating.

And you want to take the time to make a good impression.

There is so much to learn about the H2H concept and Sangram shares his journey on how H2H is helping his business, Terminus, be the industry leader.

So how will you be making sure you’re human?

Click on our audio link above to listen to our entire conversation!

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