How Content Strategy Shapes Your Customer Relationships

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It’s the mid-70’s, and you’ve purchased your first new car — a Ford Pinto. The commercials convinced you that this car was built to survive a demolition derby, while the salesman in the leisure suit convinced you it didn’t matter that you couldn’t drive stick.

Now your Pinto is grinding gears and stalling every 200 yards, and that bike messenger who bumped into your fender sent the entire car up in flames. Could anything make you trust a brand’s content (or yourself) again?

Today’s guest can. Meet Margot Bloomstein, author of Trustworthy and Brand & Strategy Consultant at Appropriate, Inc. She joins the show to discuss effective content strategies for building customer confidence and trust in your brand.

In this episode, we’ll discuss:

  • Why customers need to be confident in you and themselves
  • How to help your customers succeed (and why that builds trust)
  • The 3 V’s of content strategy
  • Why you need a consistent voice across all channels

Ready to revitalize your customer relationship through content?

“Customer confidence is how confident they feel in us — but also their confidence in themselves and their own ability to make good decisions.”

Margot Bloomstein, author of Trustworthy and Brand & Strategy Consultant at Appropriate, Inc.

The embodiment of confidence

Margot’s a virtuoso in her field. She’s a distinguished lecturer at FH Joanneum University in Graz, Austria and leads workshops worldwide.

A lover of museums and a featured speaker at SXSW, she’s also the author of two earth-shaking epics on content strategy and organically overcoming buyer cynicism.

Margot is a force of nature, crafting disruptive brand-user experiences that inspire confidence and trust.

How to get the greatest ROI from your content

Margot believes that every business should be a publisher — if they’re doing it right. It’s also super easy to fall into the trap of buzzwords. Publishing quality content that meets your customer’s needs is vital.

Look at metrics on product returns, listen to customer support calls, absorb buyer feedback. This deep dive into data will help you develop your hierarchy of communication goals.

Your content strategy is crucial. Not every channel is right for your brand, and irregular messaging and tone create “a weird and bifurcated experience” for your buyers.

“If we want to build trust with our audiences, we start by being consistent across channels and with our message architecture.”

Margot Bloomstein, author of Trustworthy and Brand & Strategy Consultant at Appropriate, Inc.

The three Vs

How do you become a transformative force in your industry? Embrace the opportunity for transparency.

Truly inspiring messaging content has three pivotal elements:

  • Voice — a strong, consistent and compassionate voice across all platforms.
  • Volume — give your customers the accurate, high-quality info they need, exactly when they need it.
  • Vulnerability — show your buyers how you’re learning, evolving and your commitment to constant improvement.

Margot’s last piece of advice? Get to know your audience, solve problems instead of selling and stay relevant through compassion.

Now that you know how to optimize your tech stack, are you ready to dive into how Google’s new rules impact your SEO or learn the secrets to establishing credibility? Check out the full list of episodes: The B2B Revenue Executive Experience.

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