Episode 303: Breaking Through the Scaling Ceiling with David Weiss

GUEST: David Weiss, Chief Revenue Officer of The Sales Collective

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Dreaming about scaling your business sounds nice.

But taking real action and actually making it happen is what sets apart true winners.

However, even those who are trying to find it hard to discover the winning formula, often fail.

Why are so many companies struggling to scale, and what can they do about it?

To help us with this incredible topic today, we have David Weiss, Chief Revenue Officer of The Sales Collective. David is a sales executive leading high-performing teams and offering coaching in sales. He has authored several books, including "Your Definitive Sales Career Guide" and "Sales Success Stories." In addition to his work with The Sales Collective, he serves as a Strategic Advisor for Aptivio, Chief Deal Doctor at DealDoc, and is a Startup Mentor at NUMA New York.

How Can Storytelling and Strategic Need Creation Elevate Your Sales Approach?

Embrace the power of storytelling in sales over simply pitching features and functionality. Successful sales strategies involve creating a need and addressing the customer's pain points in a way that transforms them into a compelling need for change. It's vital to shift focus from product-centric approaches to problem-solving ones.

Employing sales DNA tests can highlight areas for improvement. David believes sales is a skill that can be learned and perfected, regardless of personality type, debunking the myth that only extroverts can excel in sales.

“My belief is that sales is a profession, and like any profession, it can be learned and taught. I hate the opinions that some people have around like in order to be great at sales, you have to be an extrovert. You have to be the most gregarious person in the world. I'll tell you right now, some of the biggest million-dollar W-2 earners they're not extroverted at all. They're introverted. They think very deeply about the problem they're trying to solve for the customer. They're incredibly thoughtful. They are going to do the deep dive analysis almost like a forensic accountant would”.

David Weiss, Chief Revenue Officer of The Sales Collective

Embracing Your Unique Sales DNA

Certain innate traits, such as handling rejection and being comfortable discussing money, significantly impact your ability to excel in fast-paced and complex sales environments. These sales DNA elements, shaped by upbringing and personal experiences, may require professional guidance to overcome if they pose a challenge.

However, the challenge doesn't stop there. Learning and mastering tactical sales skills, such as hunting, qualifying, discovery, consultative selling, and negotiation, are equally important and entirely teachable. Beyond skills and inherent traits, the will to persist, tackle challenges head-on, and dedicate yourself to constant improvement is non-negotiable.

“The sales DNA test will tell you the motivation factors: intrinsic, extrinsic, altruistic, coin-operated, world-operated, internally operated”.

David Weiss, Chief Revenue Officer of The Sales Collective

People, Process, and Product-Market Fit

The challenge of scaling effectively in an organization often boils down to a mix of people, processes, and product-market fit. Businesses can significantly enhance their scaling efforts by carefully evaluating and aligning teams, employing tools like the sales DNA test, and implementing a thorough 90-day onboarding process.

Combined with customizing processes from concept to execution and providing ongoing coaching, this approach ensures a strong foundation for growth. However, it's also crucial to assess early on if the necessary leadership and market alignment are in place to leverage these efforts successfully.

Converting Potential into Leadership

Stepping into a leadership role is more than just a promotion; it requires a genuine capacity and willingness to guide and develop others. Not everyone is naturally cut out to lead. However, through targeted coaching, role-playing, and continuous practice, individuals can grow into more effective leaders.

For businesses facing gaps in leadership skills, bringing in fractional leaders or investing in leadership training can provide a bridge to stronger internal capabilities. Ultimately, successful leadership hinges on the leader's commitment to applying what they learn and modeling the behaviors they expect from their teams.

Transform Your Sales Game

Scaling your business and achieving sales targets is not just about selling, but managing deals strategically. When sales teams follow a sales stage motion without truly engaging with and understanding the customer's needs, it often leads to missed opportunities and unachieved goals. Effective deal management involves aligning with the right executives, securing executive sponsorship, building a compelling business case for change, and critically analyzing the sales process beyond procedural follow-through.

“That is why you are failing right now, why your business can't scale, why you aren't closing deals, why you, as a sales force, aren't hitting your goals. It's because you aren't managing deals”.

David Weiss, Chief Revenue Officer ofThe Sales Collective

Now that you’ve learned how to scale your business effectively, check out the full list of episodes at The B2B Revenue Executive Experience. If you enjoy the show, instructions to rate and review it are found here.

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