Don’t Be the Seller Who Scares Away Buyers

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You’re in the market for an immense smart TV, so you’re shopping in the real world again for the first time since Covid made the world a vicious game of The Outside is Lava.

Standing outside, you see the salesperson at the door is salivating and rubbing their hands together like some cartoon villain, so you roll your eyes and buy your dream TV elsewhere.

That’s a classic case of buyer resistance.

How can you ensure your reps aren’t the seller in the doorway, chasing off your buyers?

Today, we’re speaking with Kerry Cunningham, Senior Principal, Product Marketing at 6sense, who says the key to overcoming buyer resistance is understanding their behavior — and he shares a ton of behavioral insights in this episode, including:

“The buyer is in control. They have so much access to information, with so much more control over how they get it and what information they get. That and this more radical transparency means that sellers have to enable buyers.”

Kerry Cunningham, Senior Principal, Product Marketing at 6sense

A rapid acceleration

Ten years ago, nobody was buying groceries online. Everyone’s acknowledged by now that the pandemic set off seismic charges in virtually every industry.

How’s this sea change affecting B2B?

  • Mountains of online info enforces transparency between buyer and seller.
  • Customers are making decisions before they hear the pitch.
  • Leverage all that sweet, digital customer data so you sell at the right time.

Studying your customers’ behavior online can help you avoid the dreaded buyer resistance problem.

Predictive analytics

At 6sense, Kerry is helping companies utilize big data to ensure the biggest bang for marketing bucks.

He’s got some cool insights on how you can resist resistance:

  • Embrace omnichannel customer engagement — get your live humans on the same digital journey as your buyers.
  • Truly believe in your product.
  • Live the curiosity mindset and do your homework.

Buyer behavior is evolving rapidly, but so is your ability to use data to create a frictionless buying experience and generate massive revenue.

Now that you know how to overcome buyer resistance, are you ready to learn how Google’s new rules impact your SEO strategy or the secrets to establishing credibility? Check out the full list of episodes: The B2B Revenue Executive Experience.

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