Do You Have a Competitive Edge?

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You don’t know when it started, but you’re pretty sure you’ve reached a point in your business where you’ve stopped growing.

Like that ill-fated folk duo you started in college, you’re going through the motions, but you’re stuck running on fumes. To gain an edge, which approach do you think is more effective: being Simon or being Garfunkel?

Whether you’re a folk musician or a B2B Executive, you’ll never get ahead by being second-best.

That’s why we spoke with Jose Palomino, Founder and CEO of Value Prop Interactive and host of The Revenue Throughput Podcast, to find out how to hone the competitive edge you need to cut through your rivals and win consistently.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • What a competitive edge is and why it matters
  • Why many companies already have an edge they’re unaware of
  • Why you need to really know how your customers think today (and not 15 years ago)

Are you ready to permanently shift the odds in your favor? Let’s dig deeper.

“A competitive edge is all the little things you do to win consistently.”

Jose Palomino, Founder and CEO of Value Prop Interactive

The value proposition

For more than 20 years, Jose has been a thought leader in the world of sales and marketing. An accomplished author, speaker, and podcast host, he’s an adjunct professor at Villanova as well as a hands-on CEO.

He’s a passionate fan of British detective shows — and helping businesses create strategies that play to their strengths.

Jose is also the co-inventor of the Revenue Throughput™ Model, a revolutionary roadmap for aligning your business systems toward true revenue growth.

“If you cross the finish line before your competitors, you get the deal — they don’t.”

Jose Palomino, Founder and CEO of Value Prop Interactive

Converting opportunities

Jose’s innovative processes pose plenty of thought-provoking questions for owners and CEOs. Here are a few of his most powerful prompts:

  • Are you delivering on your value proposition?
  • Does your marketing actually deliver leads or is it just vanity?
  • Is your company leveraging every possible opportunity into revenue?
  • Are you winning more than your fair share?

“Many companies are in a situation where they are already doing something smart — they just haven’t seen the implications yet for the customers they’re trying to serve..”

Jose Palomino, Founder and CEO of Value Prop Interactive

Finding your advantage

Honing your edge requires a tectonic shift in your mindset, and it can be challenging to know where to start. Jose states that “the single most proactive thing to do is talk to customers.” You need to know what’s happening in their world now, not back when you started.

The invaluable tools he’s developed are a must-have for any owner or CEO that’s ready to drill down and win.

Jose’s words of wisdom:

  • Speak plainly
  • Offer a complete solution
  • Be upfront about pricing

Now that you know how to hone your business’s competitive edge, are you ready to learn how to use data to prevent revenue leaks in your business or build trust and confidence with your content strategy? Check out the full list of episodes: The B2B Revenue Executive Experience.

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