Disrupting the Status Quo: How to Set Up a Customer Experience That Exceeds Expectations with Sandy Robinson

From a RevOps standpoint, business success goes down to ensuring a customer experience that exceeds expectations.

Ultimately, that will lead to revenue growth.

So, we were wondering…

What does it take to set up an unforgettable buyer experience?

To help us with this topic today, we have Sandy Robinson, Vice President of Revenue Operations and Business Development at Nymbus.

What does it mean to disrupt the status quo in revenue operations?

In enterprise sales, disrupting the status quo entails questioning the conventional methods of managing and enhancing processes that generate revenue for a company. This could involve implementing new technologies or strategies that challenge established practices and improve revenue performance.

“Realize that you’re selling to humans. You’re not selling to an organization. We’re all people that have jobs and roles in our organization. The organization doesn’t say yes or no. You have to align on consensus and individual yeses and noes to get to that end goal”.

Sandy Robinson, Vice President of Revenue Operations and Business Development at Nymbus

Tailoring the customer journey to meet their needs

Providing a positive buying experience and building relationships with customers in a complex sales environment are crucial. You have to engage with buyers to understand their wants, needs, and the challenges they are facing. Make the experience about them. Personalize it, and then align the CRM to that experience.

“We need to be empathetic to our customers and understand what they’re going through in their personal lives and really share part of that part of the sales journey. And their buying journey is that they’re connecting with humans”.

Sandy Robinson, Vice President of Revenue Operations and Business Development at Nymbus

Engage with your buyers better

In a complex sales environment, a successful buyer experience involves a massive collaboration between all RevOps teams to build and deliver confidence to the customer that their needs will be met. Tools like automation and AI can help RevOps process the data better and fulfill those requirements to enhance the customer experience.

Collaboration between marketing and sales

All teams should work together holistically. However, marketing should take the lead role with sales help when it comes to owning personas in projects. But marketing is sometimes overwhelming, and it might be better for sales operations or enablement to take the lead.

“Especially in the age of social media, you want your new customers raving about you and posting stuff on social media and driving in those referrals. And if you make the experience all about them, just from down to personas, I love it”.

Sandy Robinson, Vice President of Revenue Operations and Business Development at Nymbus

Now that you know how to create an unforgettable buyer experience…learn how to apply other tactics and tools for a disruptive B2B marketing and sales strategy. Check out the full list of episodes here: The B2B Revenue Executive Experience, and instructions on how to rate and review the show are here.

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