Cold Emailing: Focus on the Numbers to Hit Your Goals

In the world of Sales, it’s either ‘Feast’ or ‘Famine’.

One moment you have plentiful clients and the next you’re left high and dry…

The moral of the story is this: Even while you’re feasting, you still need to act like you’re going to be hit with famine at a moment.

Lior Ohayon, the Founder and CEO of ScopeLeads, explained that successful sales in this way, involves getting your cold emailing strategy right from the get-go. You need to determine the numbers you need to hit and consistently meet them.

So the question is, how is that actually accomplished?

Revolutionizing the Cold-Email Approach

Prospecting used to be so simple.

There was a time when you could find people on platforms where they were actively seeking help.

They’d simply make a post, and because your company offered a solution that could effortlessly solve their problem, you could directly message them and streamline the conversion process.

Nowadays these platforms are off the table.

Lior said this is primarily due to the disjointed, sales tools currently in the market. In other words:

  • There’s plenty of Prospecting tools
  • There’s plenty of Lead Generation tools
  • There’s plenty of Email Follow-up tools

But there isn’t a single tool that combines the best aspects of all three; and there isn’t a tool that places an emphasis on digital marketing.

Our industry needed a tool to help fill in the gaps.

That’s the basis for Lior’s software solution, which answers the call-to-action with one focus in mind – Numbers.

Stay Focused by Knowing Your Numbers

You need to know how much effort to put in, to generate the results that you want.

But most people don’t take the time to reverse engineer from their end goal, to determine the numbers they will need to succeed.

As Lior put it:“Once you know your numbers and consistently focus on sales, everything just becomes clear – You know what you need to do.”

“Once you know your numbers and consistently focus on sales, everything just becomes clear – You know what you need to do.”


Allow me to put it another way:

Knowing the numbers is one of the most powerful tools at helping both individuals and companies stay focused. From there, the key is consistency.

Consistency helps to keep the ups and downs, the fluctuations, to a minimal.

At this point you may be asking, ‘That’s great in all, but how do I sustain such consistency?’

That’s a valid question – here’s how Lior does it:

In order to best keep track of his numbers (so he can consistently stay focused on what he needs to do), he created a powerful Excel spreadsheet.

In a nutshell, it takes your inputs and spits out the numbers that you need in order to have predictable sales:

  1. You’ll plug in your numbers based on your goal for the month (Let’s say it’s $5,000 in new clients)
  2. It will then spit out the number you have to speak to based on your close rate (Let’s say that ratio is 1 out of every 4)
  3. Your number for the month equates to 13 consultations (about 1 every other day)

Based on all of the other numbers you’ve input into the spreadsheet, you’d have to send about 52 total emails to reach your goal of 13 consultations…

That’s all there is too it.

It’s nothing fancy and it’s a process that anyone can stick to, but the key is staying focused through consistency.

Luckily, Lior explained his 3 key takeaways when it comes to being successful with Email (so you can increase your close rates).

3 Key Takeaways for Successful Cold Emailing

What do you think is the most effective way to get someone’s attention through cold emailing?

As it turns out, the only way is by asking them.

But from there, the lines are more blurred.

In fact, there’s a giant debate within the Internet Marketing community, as to whether or not you should provide value first or email them right off the bat, Lior explained to me.

But whichever the case, the consensus seems to be that you must get to the point.

Here are his three tips to boost your results:

Tip #1: Don’t include your website in the first email

If you do, people are more inclined to actually click the link…

The reasoning behind this tactic, is that if they arrive at your website too early on then they may decide that your company isn’t for them (I know, right? They hardly got to know you first!).

Instead, try to get them on the phone. The goal should be to inspire their curiosity, without giving away too much initially (so that they can get to know you first!).

Tip #2: Specifically call them to action!

Most people never even end with a call to action.

Individuals often come close in saying, ‘I hope you’re interested… or … let me know,’ which is very close, but you’ve got be more specific.

The email Lior Ohayon sent to me ended with the following, and needless to say it got me to act:

“Let me know when you’re available to speak this week.”

Obviously calls-to-action are at the end of emails; What happens if they don’t make it that far first or it’s not compelling enough for them to even care?

Lior said that he’s actually more inclined to answer someone who speaks a little bit of praise beforehand… But in a way that’s not needy.

Which leads to the next tip – Don’t be a salesman!

Tip #3: Don’t be a salesman

This perhaps sounds a bit oxymoronic (maybe even straight up moronic).

But here’s the deal:

Lior was telling me that he’s seen even the brightest among us make the mistake of being too ‘salesy’.

He explained that often times these sorts of emails sound similar to: ‘I need you to do this’, or, ‘this is going to be a HUGE opportunity for you.’

Or maybe you’re a phenomenal writer and spend arduous time crafting a deliciously detailed email, catered specifically for a prospective client. However, if it’s not short and sweet, it’s actually more likely to backfire.

Emailing is distracting enough to be bombarded with information overload… So where’s the middle ground?

The short answer – the middle ground.

Lior put it this way: “If you focus on what’s in it for me, then I’m more likely to listen – rather than hearing about awesome your product is.”

“If you focus on what’s in it for me, then I’m more likely to listen – rather than hearing about awesome your project is.”


In other words, successful emailing is in between both ‘short and sweet’ and ‘thoughtful’, which more often than not requires a bit of homework.

But believe me: If you know who I am, you understand the problems that I face and you send me an email that’s short and to the point, than you’re far more likely to get a response.

The moral of the Email: Make it about them.

Lior’s Acceleration Insight

“Focus, focus, focus,” said Lior. “If you focus on just doing the work then you’ll be successful.”

“If you focus on just doing the work then you’ll be successful.”


When it comes to sales, there are a lot of new methods that in long run, will just end up distracting you from your ultimate goal – to propel more leads down the funnel and secure more sales.

And let’s not forget: Even while you’re feasting, you still need to act like you’re going to be hit with famine at a moment.

Start today with Cold Emailing – That’s my Call-to-Action to you!

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