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You’ve busted your gut and made countless sacrifices, and you continue to serve the public through your role as top brass at a regional HQ location. You greet the sales rep who’s said and done all the right things to land this meeting with you …then they call you Mr/Mrs despite your official rank being displayed on your door, your desk and every email you sent to them over the past few weeks.

Would that affect the way you did business with that salesperson?

Green Leads CEO Mike Farrell joins us on the show to explain why we should all be taking better notes, especially when operating across different marketplaces.

Know your audience

Public sector institutions don’t play by the same rules as the B2B marketplace.

Use the appropriate language at the federal, state and local level; understand the regulations, and whatever you do, don’t replace official ranks like Col. or Gen. with Mr/Mrs.

“You can lose a lot of credibility if you do it wrong.”

Mike Farrell, CEO of Green Leads

AI in lead generation

Businesses are hiring SDRs at a ferocious pace. What does this tell us?

Growing people is aligned with advancing technology. Tech can work wonders in just about any function, but people remain at the heart of business interactions.

AI risks and opportunities

Data regulation is constantly evolving, requiring ongoing focus and resource investment.

While cold-calling isn’t dead, AI has revolutionized how we identify and pursue high-intent prospects and leads. We’re reading the human state of mind and emotion through the digital signals people send when they interact online.

Content Syndication

Who are you selling to, and what’s useful for them?

This is the foundation upon which you create, optimize and promote content. ADV: always deliver value.

Remember that gating content doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a higher quality custom audience. People who download content are not likely sales-ready.

Cracking the code: content syndication done right

Take Mike’s advice:

  • Structure content around your ICPs.
  • Let marketers create the content. It’s easy to outsource and scale.
  • Encourage SDRs to curate the content in ways that become useful for the prospect or customer.
  • Embrace new formats, like video prospecting.
  • Remember that it’s a team effort: Marketing and sales might have different jobs, but they need to work together, share information, integrate and evaluate their combined efforts.

The list

If your prospect contact information is flawed, the game is over before it even starts. Take the time to validate data where necessary.

Mike’s lead generation tips

We couldn’t say goodbye without giving you the gold:

  • Keep your emails short.
  • Focus on your prospect, not on your offering.
  • Use a relevant subject line with sensible personalization.
  • Know your metrics, so you can stay on track, hit your targets or flag something before it becomes a disaster.

Now that you know how to turbocharge your lead generation and SDR processes, are you ready to dive into how AI is revolutionizing content marketing or how to get the most out of your CRM? Check out the full list of episodes: The B2B Revenue Executive Experience.

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