Authenticity in Prospecting

Before you send that email – ask yourself, “Am I being authentic?”

It’s easy to send the same generic email to everyone on your prospect list. But this probably isn’t the most effective approach because you’re not being authentic. We sat down with Gerard Compte, CEO of, to talk about how being authentic in prospecting can supercharge your results and help you build solid relationships.

Shift In Communication

Email continues to be one of the most important lead generation tools for salespeople, yet the way it’s being used has changed. Longer emails with attachments are now being outperformed by shorter emails that replicate text messages. Gerard, a growth hacker lover, welcomes this shift. “What I recommend, go straight to the point and don’t BS people,” Gerard said.

There is a downside to this approach, however. “It’s not scalable. You cannot send millions of emails like this. You need to hand-pick the people you want to speak with,” Gerard said.

The trick is to get straight to the point, without being aggressive, Gerard says. This is where authenticity makes all the difference. “Giving a little love on all our emails makes a big difference,” Gerard said.

Giving a little love

How Can Organizations Be More Authentic?

One of the biggest challenges that growing organizations face is maintaining their authenticity. It can be tough to replicate the personality of a CEO or leading salesperson. “It’s impossible to multiply Gerard,” Gerard said.

We asked Gerard what organizations can do to be more authentic. Here are his recommendations:

1. Do a podcast. Podcasts are difficult and take time, yet they establish a voice and credibility with prospects that other forms of communication can’t match.

2. Grow your Facebook and LinkedIn communities. Gerard created a Facebook group about growth hacking and content marketing with the goal of posting something every day. Instead of cold calling and interviewing prospects, Gerard just sends them to the group. Connecting over social media allows for greater authenticity and personality.

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