Aligning Revenue Teams with Consistent Language and Processes with Angela Pritchett

The revenue teams primary concern is organizational growth. To achieve such growth, the team must be in alignment with the consistent language, process, and tools all while ensuring such processes are aligned with the customer’s journey.  

Being in alignment with such processes ensures that 1) everyone works toward the same objectives and that 2) targets are met. However, to achieve this alignment, the leader of these teams should be coached and supported when rolling out new programs or initiatives so they can effectively guide their subordinates.

The application of all these requirements is what makes the process seamless. But what challenges can be encountered?

Why is it important to align revenue teams with consistent languages and adequate tools?

To help us with this topic today, we have Angela Pritchett, Head of Sales Enablement at Eletive.

Why is it important to carry the various teams along to run a result-driven company?

A company is made up of different teams playing different roles to achieve specific growth. This could be difficult because of the various responsibilities that can affect a company. Therefore, in order to achieve a desirable result, it is critical to align these various teams towards a specific goal. Once this is achieved,  revenue generation will be faster as every team is indirectly working towards the same goal.

“The success of a company lies in the way the various teams interrelate to achieve a desired outcome. Generating revenue shouldn’t be seen as the sole responsibility of the revenue team as the actions of other teams can affect them.”

Angela Pritchett, Head of Sales Enablement at Eletive

Employ the right resources to carry out a task

Different tasks need to be carried out to produce a desired result, which is essentially revenue generation. To achieve this, it’s important to employ several tools, which can be CRM, conversation intelligence tools, coaching tools, and so on. This helps the revenue team align customer needs with company needs, thereby meeting the set-out goals and targets.

“With the right tools, there are no set-out goals that can’t be met by any revenue team.”

Angela Pritchett, Head of Sales Enablement at Eletive

Setting goals and incentives to motivate employees

An organization that wants to be successful should start by laying out goals and objectives for its revenue team. This would serve as a guideline for its employees on what they should prioritize to provide the desired outcome for the organization. To motivate the team, it is essential to give incentives when targets are met or achieved. This way, there would tend to be healthy competition between the workers and there would be a tendency for higher revenues to be generated.

Work on what you can control, eradicate work pressure

The sales team’s job can be stressful, which puts them under undue pressure. To avoid this, it’s important to focus on what you can control, which is your effort. Different strategies can be employed to achieve this, one of which is having a priority list and working solely on the things mentioned. This way, you don’t have to worry about having anxiety from working under the pressure that comes from choked-up responsibilities.

“To reduce work pressure, it is important to teach members of a team where to focus their attention and energy in. Achieving the desired outcome can only happen if we focus on what we can control. ”

Angela Pritchett, Head of Sales Enablement at Eletive

Now that you know ways to align the revenue team with our company goals, learn how to drive alignment on goals across different teams in the company. Check out the full list of episodes here: The B2B Revenue Executive Experience, and instructions on how to rate and review the show are here.

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