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Since 1991, thousands of professionals around the world have chosen ValueSelling Associates for customized training, reinforcement and coaching to drive sales results.

12 Tips To Solidify 'Win-Win' Partnerships In Business

Forbes Expert Panel |Julie Thomas explains her approach of understanding what is valuable to your business partner.

ValueSelling Associates Congratulates Clients Named as Finalists in the 2023 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service

SalesTech Star | ValueSelling celebrates client success.

12 Biz Dev Leaders Discuss The Benefits Of Working With PR Agencies

Forbes Expert Panel | Julie Thomas discusses how to establish thought leadership around a brand by leveraging PR.

21 Sales Coaching Tools and Resources to Create a Top-Performing SDR Team

Reply | Article for Sales Development Reps cites ValueSelling research.

Stop Chasing Sales Efficiency and Focus on What Matters Most

Selling Power | Julie Thomas discusses why sales effectiveness empowers salespeople.

Sales Efficiency Isn't Sales Effectiveness. How to Focus Your Team on What Matters.

Three ways sales leaders can build effectiveness, not efficiency, in their team to drive sustainable sales results.

Three Things 2022 Taught Us About Sales

Forbes | Julie Thomas explores the top three challenges sales teams faced in 2022 – and how to overcome them.

ValueSelling Associates Welcomes Gini MacDonald as a Managing Partner

SalesTech Star | Gini MacDonald’s experience in data-driven sales development, management, and training will help expand the company’s sales training and coaching programs.

Eight Overlooked Business Factors That Are Key To Brand Elevation

Reply | Article for Sales Development Reps cites ValueSelling research.

11 Ways Business Teams Can Improve Their Sales Funnel Process

Forbes Expert panel | Julie Thomas discusses how to map your prospect’s buying journey.

Getting Over the Hump: Biz Dev Leaders Discuss Their Biggest Hurdles

Forbes Expert panel | Julie Thomas talks about the impact of The Great Reshuffle.

Too Many Cooks … How a Single Sales Methodology Can Help to Reap Global Benefits

International Journal of Sales Transformation | PJ Nisbet explains how a consistent sales methodology can result in dramatic improvements in global sales performance.

The Value of Coaching to Drive Sales Methodology Adoption

SalesTech Star | Carlos Nouche shares strategies for driving sustainable adoption of your sales methodology.

Eight Emerging Tech Trends Helping Business Leaders Work Efficiently and Stay Connected

Forbes Expert Panel | Julie Thomas suggests engaging in conversational intelligence.

Selling Power Names ValueSelling Associates to its 2022 Top Virtual Sales Training Company List

SalesTech Star | ValueSelling Associates has once again been named a top virtual sales training company.

Three Bad Habits of Salespeople – And How To Break Them

LinkedIn Sales Blog | Be on the lookout for these three bad habits and learn how salespeople can break them.

Small Wins Go a Long Way. Here Are 5 Simple Ways to Appreciate Salespeople

Here are five easy ways to celebrate the right sales behaviors and show employees you value them for the effort they put in day in and day out.

Salespeople Can Always Control These Variables

Forbes | Julie Thomas discusses three variables that are within the control of salespeople.

15 Leaders Share How They Define Sales Enablement

Forbes Expert Panel | How sales enablement can automate, accelerate and amplify sales.

ValueSelling Associates Shares Strategies to Drive Sales Productivity at Sales 3.0 Conference

SalesTech Star | Panel session on “The New Rules for Value Creation.”

It’s Never Too Early To Discuss Renewal Sales

Forbes Council | How can sales leaders fix their “leaky buckets”?

3 Crucial Sales Skills to Brush Up on Before Summer

Forbes Council | An excellent time to work on prospecting discipline.

Is your Potential Sales Candidate Emotionally Intelligent? 7 Questions to Ask.

Forbes Expert Panel | Hiring for a sales role? Julie Thomas discusses the value of resilience in potential salespeople.

Researching Prospects is Key to Standing Out. Here's How to Do It Right.

LinkedIn Sales Blog | A guide to sales prospecting that covers how to find reliable info, how much time it should take, and how to tailor messages that add value for prospects.

Understanding True Value

The International Journal of Sales Transformation | Engage buyers using the basics of value-based selling.

How to Measure the Sales Behaviors that Drive Results

Training Industry |In this episode of the Sales&Marketing Management podcast, ValueSelling President and CEO Julie Thomas discusses the skills that matter most in a virtual selling environment.

The Behaviors and Skills Sales Leaders Care Most About

Sales&Marketing Management |In this episode of the Sales&Marketing Management podcast, ValueSelling President and CEO Julie Thomas discusses the skills that matter most in a virtual selling environment.

How to Use the A-I-M Approach to Prospect More Effectively

LinkedIn Sales Blog |Learn how to use the A-I-M approach in your messaging and build a prospecting cadence to help you be persistent, consistent and leverage the way our brains are wired to generate higher response rates.

3 Ways to Build Credibility, Trustworthiness and Rapport with Buyers – Julie Thomas

Daily Sales Tips |Sales tips on how to build credibility, trustworthiness and rapport with buyers.

How to Warm Up Your Prospecting: It's About Persistence and Variety

LinkedIn Sales Blog | How to make common connections with prospects that turn cold calls into warm calls.

Improve Sales Forecasting Accuracy By Continually Qualifying The Pipeline

Forbes | Accurate and reliable forecasting has the power to transform a sales organization. And it all begins with a framework for ongoing qualification and a common language.

Why Sales Success Goes Beyond Hitting Your Number

SalesTech Star | Measuring both selling behaviors and sales results is critical to determine if a healthy revenue pipeline is on the horizon.

Buyer-First Selling: Ask, Listen, and Diagnose Before You Prescribe

Selling Power | To forge these long-term relationships, your sellers will need to present themselves as credible, authentic, and trustworthy experts who connect on a human level.

14 Key Skills Every Business Leader Needs To Develop

Forbes | To be an effective mover and shaker in the global economy of business development, it takes a humble, open-minded leader to guide a team and build on past success.

Measuring What Matters Most in Sales

Highspot | Research shows remote buying and selling is the preferred way of doing business, and this is expected to continue in the future. However, only 25% of sales organizations are directly measuring virtual sales behaviors that drive sales success.

Here’s How To Build Better Publicity And Brand Awareness Through Community Engagement

Forbes |One of the most powerful ways a business leader can elevate their company brand is to let customers share their personal experiences.

Don't Jeopardize The Business: 11 Ways To Manage Industry Regulations

Forbes | Julie Thomas shares tips for staying on top of regulatory issues.

13 Myths About Globalizing A Business

Forbes | There is no cookie-cutter approach on the path to international business success, but there are 13 misconceptions to avoid.

Overcoming Your Sales Team's Discomfort With Prospecting

Forbes | If you want to overcome your sales team’s discomfort with prospecting, you’ll need to diagnose the problem before you prescribe.

Successfully Engaging with Customers at Each Stage of the Buying Cycle

CustomerThink |The research reveals the sales behaviors that matter most during virtual interactions at each stage of the buyer journey.

How Coaching and Development Drives Sales Growth

Sales & Marketing Management | Investing in sales coaching pays off.

Soft Skills Remain Critical in B2B’s Virtual Selling World

Marketing Charts | Establishing trust and developing a rapport with customers are essential skills.

2022 Top Sales Training and Enablement Companies

Training Industry|Our list is based on a thorough analysis of the capabilities, experience, and expertise of sales training and enablement providers.

In Sales, Diagnose Before You Prescribe

Forbes | In the age of virtual selling, sales professionals must maximize every communication opportunity.

Training Industry Names ValueSelling Associates a Top 20 Sales Training Company for the 13th Consecutive Year

SalesTech Series | Innovation, geographic reach and timely measurable results are key attributes for ValueSelling Associates’ success

3 Types of Questions That Help You Better Connect With Buyers

LinkedIn Sales Blog|Raise the quality of conversations with prospective buyers and advance more quickly from salutations to contract signatures – even when selling online.

How Business Leaders Can Better Understand Their CEOs

Forbes|Fourteen experts share strategies for fellow business development leaders looking to better understand and support the goals of their C-level executives.

Create A More Effective Sales Plan For The New Year

Forbes|Formulating a strong sales plan for 2022 and 2023 will include the right mix of both leading and lagging indicators.

5 Inside Sales Lessons Outside Sales Can Use to Succeed at Virtual Sales

LinkedIn Sales Blog |Five ways B2B sales reps can succeed in today’s work-from-home sales environment using lessons from inside sales reps.

The Skills Sales Leaders Care Most About – And How to Measure The Whole Recipe For Sales Training Success

LinkedIn Sales Blog |Discover the critical sales behaviors needed for success in a virtual selling environment, and how to measure them.

The Whole Recipe For Sales Training Success

Forbes |Ultimately, each stage of the sales cycle is an opportunity for sales professionals to establish and build credibility, trust and rapport with customers.

15 Ways To Get Employees And Clients Excited About The Latest ‘Launch’

Forbes | 15 experts offer their advice on creating excitement around a launch.

Selling Power Honors ValueSelling Associates as a Top 20 Virtual Sales Training Company in 2021

SalesTech Star | ValueSelling Associates chosen as Top 20 Virtual Sales Training Company in 2021.

How Successful Companies Approached Sales Training During the Pandemic

LinkedIn Sales Blog |Three sales training secrets of high-growth companies.

Three Keys To Hitting Your Sales Number In The Fourth Quarter — And The First

Forbes | In Q4, many sales leaders make the mistake of waiting too late to course-correct. To set your team up for a strong finish, you need to put a plan in action now — not in late November.

Scary Stuff: The “P” Word…Price

LinkedIn Sales Blog |This post shares techniques to understand what the buyer values, various levers you can use to demonstrate value along the way, and three strategies for when you need to negotiate price.

Three Ways Sales Leaders Can Build A Culture Of Continuous Learning

Forbes | What do sales training and artisanal ice cream have in common?

Does Your Sales Team Have Enough Pipeline to Make Quota?

Selling Power |In this article, you'll learn a strategic prospecting strategy that separates the shoppers from the buyers.

15 Key Transitional Steps To Take When Digitizing Your Business Model

Forbes |In this article, 15 experts offer their best tips to help leaders execute a smooth, seamless transition to a digital model.

How to Sell to C-level Executives

LinkedIn Sales Blog |If you want to talk to a C-level executive, you have to think like a C-level executive and get to know their business.

How Sales Leaders Can Approach Coaching To Close

Forbes | To increase close rates, sales leaders must think like a physician.

5 Ways to Make Objection Handling Your Super Power

LinkedIn Sales Blog | The most common types of sales objections and proven techniques to help you manage the conversation with your prospects without breaking a sweat.

How to Retain Top Talent and Drive Productivity with Sales Training

Selling Power |Nothing pays off quicker than customized and actionable sales training.

15 Strategic Ways To Ensure Your Business Is Adaptable

Forbes | In this article, 15 members of the Forbes Business Development Council share strategies for fortifying a business against obstacles.

How To Coach Your Sales Teams Through Rejection And Objection

Forbes | The most effective salespeople have the shortest memory.

15 Ways To Handle Customer Objections

Forbes |To help sales reps ease the concerns of potential customers, the members of Forbes Business Development Council offer advice on practical ways to deal with objections without losing the sale.

How Top Sales Reps Rise Above the Rest

Highspot |Learn what top sales performers do differently to consistently exceed expectations and crush their quota.

It’s Time To Put The Professional Back In Sales Pro

Forbes |Sellers must harness the power of authenticity – especially when selling to the C-suite.

15 Strategies For Monitoring And Addressing Customer 'Health'

Forbes Expert Panel | Julie Thomas shares her tips on customer health.

Improve Your Sales Outcomes by Letting Go of Deals

LinkedIn Sales Blog |How letting go of low-potential deals improves your odds of closing real deals.

7 Winning Sales Habits of Top Performers

LinkedIn Sales Blog |Research uncovers the 7 mindsets, attributes and habits that separate top sales performers from the rest of the pack.

3 Ways to Propel Sales Growth During a Crisis

Sales & Marketing Management |Here are 3 ways to grow your business in the face of an economic downturn.

[New Data] 7 Actionable Habits of Top Sales Performers

HubSpot |The findings revealed that these habits are a combination of learned skills and inherent traits and set the best salespeople apart from the middle-of-the-pack reps.

To Hit Quota, Build Authentic Relationships

Forbes | What makes high performers tick? Our latest research examines what sets high-performing salespeople apart from the pack

Desire, Drive, and Discipline Set Top Sales Performers Apart

Selling Power | Julie Thomas defines the criteria you can use to hire and develop more top sellers.

Flourish or Flounder? Soft Skills Make the Difference in Sales

Highspot | Explore why some companies had a banner sales year while others fumbled during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Creating a Customer-Centric Culture

LinkedIn Sales Blog |Buyer-first or customer-centric selling is more than a philosophy, it’s a practice.

Why Prospecting Is Not Selling

Forbes | When it comes to prospecting, several factors lead to success. Here are three tips that will open doors to new opportunities.

3 Keys to Successful Renewal Business

LinkedIn Sales Blog | Julie Thomas shares why existing customers should be treated with the same attention and dedication that you show to new prospects if you want to retain them long-term.

Why You Should Be Delivering Value-based Stories

HubSpot | Read the latest article by Julie Thomas — she discusses why successful sales professionals are phenomenal storytellers and how to up your sales game with value-based stories.

These 6 Soft Skills Matter to Customers

CustomerTHINK | Read the latest article by Julie Thomas — she details why soft skills are especially crucial when companies encounter market uncertainty and rapidly shifting business needs.

Five Sales-Related Trends That Are Here To Stay

Forbes | Read the latest Council Post by Julie Thomas, as she discusses the enduring shifts in the sales profession brought about in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic.

3 Sales Training Secrets of High-growth Companies

Training Industry | Julie Thomas shares research that demonstrates the positive impact that sales training has on a company’s profitability and growth — even beyond the sales discipline.

13 Strategies For Making A Truly Effective Cold Pitch

Forbes Blog | Julie Thomas, and the other members of Forbes Business Development Council, share their most effective strategies about closing sales through cold outreach.

Why Connecting Virtually in a Human Way is Crucial for Sales Professionals

LinkedIn Sales Blog | Julie Thomas shares why connecting digitally in a human way is crucial for sales professionals, what Tim McGraw song is on repeat for her right now, and more.

Critical Sales Concepts and Skills to Succeed in 2021

LinkedIn Sales Blog | Julie Thomas contrasts the differences between high revenue growth and negative revenue growth companies to demonstrate how the right strategic focus on sales separates them.

The Resurrection of the Office Phone Call

Wall Street Journal | ValueSelling Associates are featured in the Wall Street Journal's article about how the COVID pandemic has brought back an old mode of communication that millennial workers used to shun.

Hindsight Is 20/20: What Sales Training Professionals Can Take Away From 2020 to Be Successful in 2021

Training Industry | Julie Thomas shares some of the more important sales training lessons gathered from research and selling in the trenches over this past year to succeed in 2021.

What Companies That Grew In 2020 Realize About Sales Training

Forbes | Read the latest Council Post, by Julie Thomas, as she discusses six ways sales training positively contributes to the bottom line.

14 Common Biz Dev Mistakes Every Company Should Avoid

Forbes | Julie Thomas and other the members of Forbes Business Development Council share 14 common mistakes companies make in their biz dev strategies, and what you should be doing instead.

Your Sales Reps’ Top 3 Questions on Leveraging Differentiation to Drive Sales, Answered

Training Industry | Julie Thomas answers the three most common questions sellers have when leveraging differentiation to drive sales success.

How to Overcome Sales Objections

SalesFlare | Guest blog by Julie Thomas discusses the different types of objections you will encounter and how you can overcome them in 5 simple steps.

Don’t Take Renewal Sales For Granted

Forbes | Read the latest Council Post, by Julie Thomas, as she discusses the three areas when you are training or coaching your sales teams on successful renewal sales.

Keep Sales Moving during COVID-19 Says Julie Thomas of ValueSelling

Startup.info | Julie Thomas discusses COVID-19, virtual sales and staying motivated.

Your Sales Reps’ Top 3 Questions on Closing Key Q4 Opportunities, Answered

Training Industry | Julie Thomas answers to the three most common questions sellers have when racing to hit quota in Q4.

How To Factor A Pandemic Into Your B2B Sales Forecasts

Forbes | Read the latest Council Post, by Julie Thomas, as she shares how businesses that emerge from a crisis ahead of the competition are the ones who proactively plan for resilience and make investments as part of an offensive strategy.

This Week’s Big Deal: One Buyer Preference to Rule Them All

LinkedIn Sales Blog | This week’s “Big Deal" feature on the LinkedIn Sales Blog pays tribute to Julie Thomas's January 2020 post and congratulates the ValueSelling team on the Stevie Award for Most Valuable COVID-19 Corporate Response.

3 Proven Approaches to Gain Executive Access

LinkedIn Sales Blog | Julie Thomas shares the most practical and effective tips on how to gain access to high-level decision makers.

Your Sales Reps’ Top 3 Questions on Effective Qualification and Forecasting, Answered

Training Industry | Julie Thomas shares her expertise to ensure salespeople aren’t establishing contacts and building business relationships only to encounter opportunities that will never close.

14 Tips To Better Align Sales And Marketing Teams

Forbes Expert Panel Blog | Julie Thomas and 13 others from the Forbes Business Development Council discuss how the alignment of sales and marketing teams can help ensure that companies are meeting the needs of current and potential clients.

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