ValueSelling Associates Sales Training South Africa, UK and Europe

PJ is the Managing Partner for ValueSelling in EMEA and has worked in sales performance improvement training and consultancy for 15 years. During this time, he has trained more than 7000 people in over 35 different countries with numerous engagements in the UK, Europe and South Africa.


“The ValueSelling Framework was easily understood by our sales teams throughout the world. The eLearning pre-work meant that participants arrived knowing the concepts, making the workshops more engaging since they were practicing and fine-tuning the framework to our clients. By helping us integrate the methodology into our CRM, PJ really helped us embed the ValueSelling sales process into the way we do business.”

Tine Østersø Lind,
CRM Manager, Kamstrup

"In my 20 years of sales enablement experience, I've never seen a class have such visible impact in results before the class is even over." 

Director of Sales Enablement ,