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ValueSelling Framework® for Salespeople

Practice Framework concepts in a lively, practical workshop

Instructor-led Training

When we bring the ValueSelling Framework® into an organization, we typically start with our on-demand course, eValueSelling Framework® Fundamentals. Then, your sales staff experiences a lively instructor-led workshop built around a case study created just for you. After the workshop, we recommend our ValueSelling@Work video reinforcement program that delivers a short video each week for 14 weeks on critical Framework concepts.

The classroom experience is critical to the development of new skills and behaviors. Our design includes multiple exercises and practice opportunities. We are participant-centered and are completely focused on the student’s experience and real-world sales challenges.

Our programs are activity-based, not lectures. Each of our facilitators is a former sales leader who can illustrate our concepts and principles with credible real world stories and expertise.

The instructor-led workshop will focus on application of the ValueSelling skills through a simulated sales situation. The objectives of the workshop include:

  • Reinforce the eValueSelling Framework® Fundamentals on-demand course
  • Develop skills in matching your solutions to your customer’s critical business issues and business objectives
  • Create demand and need for your products and services
  • Learn how to achieve full value for your products and services
  • Develop skills to motivate prospects to act sooner
  • Develop the foundation for a repeatable consistent sales process within your sales organization